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The Desert King

The Daughter of a poor Syrian farmer welcomes a stranger befriended by his daughter into their home. The family's life begins to prosper until war forces the stranger to reveal his true identity.



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The Exorcist

In the 1931 Syrian Desert, a young girl, Nasya, is tending her family’s meager herd of sheep when she notices one of the new lambs is missing. She is passing a nearby abandoned and forbidden village, Serjilla, and surmises the lamb went there for shade. Rumored to be haunted, she’d rather face ghosts than her father's scolding, so she goes in to look for it.
To her surprise, the lamb is brought out to her by a handsome stranger who reveals to her he lives in the ruins of the village. A bedouin by trade, the stranger, Hakim, is thanked, and Nasya is on her way back home. Nasya returns just before dark to give the stranger a small meal.
A week later, Nasya’s own village, Tel Shegeb, is visited by Hakim. He has come bearing gifts, in the form of a small herd of cattle.
Another week and Hakim returns while Kasib is trying in vain to remove a tree stump from the side of this home. Always ready to break from hard work, Kasib invites his new young friend to the local bathhouse for a bath and tea as repayment. The men enjoy the relaxing break and arrange for Kasib’s Wife and daughter Nasya to return later for the same treatment.
The village has long been blessed with being left out of local warlord skirmishes, until now.
Having now been eyed as a strategic stronghold in the desert, spies from two warring factions led by Mullah Sashi and Tribal Chief Tengi have been sent to reconnoiter the village. Things get tense when none of the spies from either side return to their generals with a report. The village council calls a special meeting and ask Kasib to attend under the pretense of having him join the council.
At the meeting, the council reveals they want him to join, but he will have to bring the stranger, now living with his family to the meeting for interrogation. The meeting reveals Hakim is no soldier or spy. The council soon asks for volunteers to seek out the national army for aid, having surmised Tel Shegeb is now the target of both warring factions. Kasib volunteers and Hakim volunteers to aid him, as he knows the desert well.
The two wed and Nasya is soon with child. Right after the child’s birth Hakim and Kasib set out for the city of Tall Abur to ask Military Chief Ferrani, for support.
Upon arrival, they find the base active and the general preparing his troops to leave to intercept the armies, but the army’s priorities do not include helping Tel Shegeb. Horror grips Kasib as he realizes he and Hakim have left their families helpless before the onslaught of two savage warlords. Kasib breaks down and Hakim makes him promise not to tell if he gets them back to the village in time to help.

Hakim reveals that he is Amadi, a Djinn, and transports them both back, but too late to save their families. Heart-broken, Amadi makes sure to have his newborn son secreted away, before single-handedly destroying both armies and the village of Tel Shegeb.
We are taken to the present and find an agent of the Vatican being assigned to the United States for his next assignment. This agent is Xavier McKnight and he is headed for Charlotte, North Carolina. The "Desert King" is Episode Eight of season 1.

Link to this three-season series: (Two seasons already completed.)
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Submitted: October 30, 2020
Last Updated: November 30, 2021

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The Writer: J. Thomas Stroud

J Thomas Stroud has been writing since 1994. his first title, " The Promise", was an experiment in the meshing of Science Fiction and Theology, as it related to humanity's place in our existence. His specialty of knowledgebase includes Theology, Zoological and Astronomical sciences, and the paranormal. These interests have led to writing genres of Science Fiction, Religious Horror, Horror, and Fantasy. Interjecting his own working theories, he enjoys engaging his audiences as he writes, often inviting them to help create and share in the authoring processes. He posses over four decades of Martial Arts experience, and cultures which help in formulating many of his works. His real-world... Go to bio

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