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Ne'er-do-well con hitman gets in trouble by falling in love with a daughter of a well-known gangster he is booked to kill.

Ne'er-do-well con hitman gets in trouble by falling in love with a daughter of a well-known gangster he is booked to kill.
A lighthearted hitjob story that tells us about RAY, a con hitman, in fact, an undercover ATF agent who specializes in killing cartel leaders and a gangster with bombs. Being undercover means signing up for shady assignments by his handler MR. GOODNEWS. We start our acquaintance with RAY when he flees the bombing scene at the funeral. The person who was bombed in an SUV next to a cemetery was CARLOS, one of Miami’s gangsters. On his way-out RAY meets MONICA and falls for her immediately. She is a young sexy and beautiful daughter of a kind-hearted Italian ex-mobster soon-to-be recreation park owner – MR. SERRANO. He is the next hit that RAY receives in his mailbox. This assassination is scheduled to take place at a luxury HOTEL BERMUDA MIAMI. RAY checks in to the hotel under his fake name MONTGOMERY VALENTINE. At the pool bar, RAY meets the bartender TEDDY, who is actually a DEA undercover agent. MONICA shows up with her friends. She finds RAY attractive. And as a coincidence that very moment FRANKIE and BILLY (F&B), two big brothers of RAY’s ex-wife LIDIA show up at the pool bar. They grab RAY and start tossing him. They need the money that RAY’s ex-wife thinks he owes them. MONICA intervenes and being a well-known mafia-daughter F&B retreat. She keeps RAY company at the bar and then leaves. RAY is well aware of who she is but can’t stop thinking about her. As the small FBI team can’t stop thinking about RAY’s involvement in the explosion story. Three agents, MILLS (the FBI boss), HOGAN (the nerdy no-makeup female FBI special agent), and PARKS (male drag queen wannabe junior agent), they are on a mission to crack this case. They think that RAY was hired by MR. SERRANO to kill CARLOS at the funeral. And they link him to other cases. This makes them assume that RAY is going to assassinate a wealthy businessman soon-to-be Mayor of Miami, MR. GORDON PRESTON, at the hotel on Friday night, when PRESTON is scheduled to announce his candidacy for the mayor’s office. In addition to all that, the head of Colombian cartel– GUILLERMO GALLIARDO or simply GG just arrived with his people to Miami. FBI thinks that different clans are going to face off in the hotel on Friday night. MR. SERRANO’s righthand man – CESAR (who is for some reason is GG’s nephew) is up to something different. He shows full disrespect to Gordon Preston, disregarding the fact that his boss is about to strike a deal with the future mayor on building a recreation park and a casino along the coast of Florida. It seems like CESAR wants GG’s money to be cleaned through those casino chains SERRANO is building. Therefore, he hires a professional but soon-to-retire hitman – MR. SPARROW. Who is there to kill SERRANO. At the end of this story, we will find out that TEDDY, GG (cartel head who signed a deal with US government), and our little toy RAY are all trying to put Gordon and Cesar behind bars. GG falls in love with agent HOGAN, MR.SPARROW who is also gay falls for CANDY PARKS (the FBI drag queen agent), and somebody’s gonna die or get shot at least. That’s the story.

Submitted: May 17, 2020
Last Updated: May 17, 2020

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The Writer: Jay Han-San

Writing novels and short stories. I started scriptwriting relatively recently by adopting my own stories in Sci-Fi Comedy, Fiction, Spy Thrillers, and Political Drama. Worked in international consulting, research, insights, and management advisory. I Lived, worked, and traveled through many places from Cambodia, Bangladesh, Taiwan to Sao Paolo, Rio, Paris, you name it. Go to bio
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