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A novel by award winning author Ariana Overton
Detective Jake Daniels, a man haunted by nightmares of his wife’s brutal killing at the hands of a serial killer.

On New Year’s Eve the sound of merry-making reverberates from a bar indicates it is midnight. Shortly after a woman steps out from the bar and is murdered.

Detective Jake Daniels, a man who is on his way to drinking himself out of a pension haunted by the murder of his wife is on the case. Marti Joyner from the coroner’s office who wants to become a Profiler and Cam Parker, a young detective on loan from Australia join in on the investigation. Before they finish their investigation Russell Frasier, Mary’s boss who Jake hates shows up. Jake’s phone rings and another murder victim were discovered a few miles away with the same MO, except this time it’s a male victim Connie Braxton, a news reporter, who appears to be obsessed with the “Holliday Killer” wants to know if the two murders are related.”

Jake goes to his favorite watering hole where Roxy, his favorite barmaid works. While there he runs into Quigley, an ex-cop, ex-killer, ex-con, who claims he can help Jake with those two murder cases. Jake is reluctant but ends up making Quigley part of his team.

Cam runs into Jake’s neighbor Toyboy, a flamboyant gay man. Later that night Marti shows up with the profile of the killer. When she leaves her eyes lock onto the red writing smeared on the door with same mint flavored lipstick the killer uses to draw kisses on his victim’s buttocks. The lipstick is made by only one company in the US and is only distributed in Georgia until two years ago when it became available in California.

Roxy locks up the bar and the Holliday Killer follows her down a dark street. Next day Jake finds out Roxy was killed on his birthday. That means the “Holliday Killer” wanted to make it personal. After her funeral a determined Jake pours a half-full liquor bottle down the sink and cleans up his act. He tells Marti, “We’ve got two days till Valentine’s. No one else is dying on my watch!”

Marti goes through Quigley’s file and discovers a Stephanie Benton showed up last New Year’s Eve at an ER in San Jose after being been attacked. Before detectives could follow up she disappeared.
Marti also discovers a Diana Brandmeyer was killed in Sausalito. Marti did outside work for phycologist named Doctor Nelson and knew both the women were his patients. Another paper shows a third patient named Aimee McLeod who Jake identifies as their Jane Doe from the bar.

Jake and Marti head right over that night and go through Doctor Nelson’s files. The whooshing sound of a closing door and Jake goes to investigate when he is knocked on unconscious. Moments later the building is ingulfed in flames. Through the smoke-filled corridor Marti rescues Jake.

Jake, Marti, Quigley and Cam listen to a recording from one of Doctor Nelson’s session with a patient. The voice sounds exactly like Toyboy saying, “I can’t! She never shuts up! I have to shut her up, make her stop!! As long as she lives it’ll never be just me.” Why can’t it be just me?!!!”

Quigley steps inside Toyboy’s apartment when no one is home. Finds mail with the name Mr. W. Bramford and engraved, “Invitation to the Valentine’s Day Party” the next evening, Valentine’s Day. Quigley also discovers Stephanie Benton was a news reporter and is heading to her address which turns out to be news reporter Connie Braxton’s house. He rummages through a trunk and finds news clippings of all the Holiday Killer’s cases. Stephanie Benton medical reports, computer readouts and various handwritten notes about the ‘Holiday Killer’ and is now sure Connie Braxton is really Stephanie Benton, the one Holliday Killer’s victim that got away.

Jake and Marti go to Doctor Nelson’s house and he looks at a photo of Tomboy and says he is one of his patience named Wayne Bramford. Toyboy is now considered to be their main suspect. Jake, Marti, Cam and Quigley head to the “Valentine’s Day Party” looking for Toyboy.

Upon getting there they split up. Connie is there in a Peter Pan out fit. She sees Wayne exits the ballroom. Suddenly, Wayne appears behind Connie holding the knife. Connie spins and points a revolver at Wayne. The struggle and Wayne does get the upper hand. A look of horror on Connie’s face as the knife descends toward her throat. Several rounds of gunfire ring out and Wayne’s lifeless body slumps on top of Connie.

When Jake, Marti, Quigley and Cam enter Jake’s building they are shocked to see living and breathing Toyboy steps out into the hallway. They never realized that Toyboy had an evil twin named Wayne Bramford.

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Judy Norton is attached as the Director and will play the role of Marti Joyner. Judy is well-known for her role as "Mary Ellen Walton on the iconic television series "The Waltons."

We have a Letter of Intent from NANDAR HOME ENTERTAINMENT to distribute the feature film DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. Distribution to include arrangement of both domestic (US) and foreign territories with the additional possibility of digital, DVD, and television sales, based upon the satisfactory completion and delivery of the film.

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The Writer: Dan Guardino

Dan Guardino – Screenwriter/Producer Agent: Legacies…A Literary Agency, WGA Signatory Mary Ann Amato.

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Agency: Legacies…A Literary Agency
Agent: MaryAnn Amato

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