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A novel by award winning author Ariana Overton
It is New Year’s Eve and The Holiday Killer strikes again unless the hard-drinking detective can stop him before times runs out.

Hard drinking Detective Jake Daniels is assigned to the case to prevent the vicious, knife wielding butcher from finding his next victim. Jake, who’s walking a tightrope towards losing his job and his pension, knows the high-profile case may be his last shot. His efforts to solve the case are complicated by a relationship of mutual hatred with the city coroner. A working relationship that Jake believes his revenge seeking colleague may try to sabotage.

Marti Joiner, a woman working at the coroner’s office, goes to Jake’s apartment to deliver some crucial information. When she leaves the detective’s home, she finds a threatening message from the killer.
In addition to finding the person the media’s dubbed The Holiday Killer, Jake’s progress on the case is impeded by an aggressive television journalist named Connie Braxton, who’s determined to get an exclusive story.

When Jake enters his favorite bar to shouts of Happy Birthday from his friends, he learns his friend Roxie was murdered and realizes it was meant to be a birthday present from the killer. Following Roxy’s funeral, Jake gathers all the booze from his apartment and pours it down the drain and emerges from his apartment as a man transformed.

Marti discovers that the victims of The Holiday Killer are patients of a phycologist that she works for on a part time basis. When Marti and Jake arrive at the shrink’s office to investigate, Jake is hit from behind. When he awakens, Jake’s nearly overcome from smoke, as the building is engulfed in flames. Marti and Jake barely make it out alive with the jarring knowledge the therapist may be the killer.

Quigley, an ex-cop, convict and killer who Jake recruits to help him catch the killer, discovers a woman named Angie is the only one the killer’s victims who ever got away.

While rummaging through the apartment of Jake’s neighbor, a flamboyant homosexual who goes by the nickname “Toyboy”, Quigley learns the man could also be the killer and may have a plan to strike again on Valentine’s Day.

Jake, Marti, Cam and Quigley show up at the Valentine’s Day party. Outside Wayne, Toyboy’s evil twin brother appears behind Connie, aka Angie, holding the knife. Connie spins and points a small revolver at him. Jake, Marti, Cam and Quigley arrive to see a look of horror on Connie’s face as Wayne’s knife descends toward her. Several rounds of gunfire ring out. A look of surprise on Wayne’s face as his body slumps on top of Connie. She turns to see Jake holding a smoking revolver.

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Judy Norton is attached as the Director and will play the role of Marti Joyner. Judy is well-known for her role as "Mary Ellen Walton on the iconic television series "The Waltons."

We have a Letter of Intent from NANDAR HOME ENTERTAINMENT to distribute the feature film DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. Distribution to include arrangement of both domestic (US) and foreign territories with the additional possibility of digital, DVD, and television sales, based upon the satisfactory completion and delivery of the film.

Submitted: November 23, 2017
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The Writer: Dan Guardino

Dan Guardino – Screenwriter/Producer Agent: Legacies…A Literary Agency, WGA Signatory Mary Ann Amato. Represented by Legacies...A Literary Agency, WGA Signatory Mary Ann Amato. Dan Guardino is never short of inspiration with twenty plus screenplays under his belt. Several of Dan's screenplays are in various stages of development for production with well-known directors and producers attached. Together these directors and producers have been involved in the making of over three hundred movie productions. Dan is the Script Consultant for the thriller movie HEART STOPPER. Producers: Americana Films and My Own Worst Enemy Productions. Producer Michael Z Gordon. Director Paul Flaherty. Dan co-... Go to bio
Agency: Legacies…A Literary Agency
Agent: MaryAnn Amato

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