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Unhappy with his reputation, Satan comes to Earth to prove he’s a nice guy, helped by his therapist and worshippers; but before chaos ensues, he must learn to sacrifice his ego for the greater good.

Satan is a genuinely nice guy, but his clumsiness always sabotages his good intentions, causing destruction and chaos. Ruling Hell with so much power for so long has made Satan vain. Why does no one see him for the sweet, good-natured guy he is? Even his own grandchildren are terrified of him. Satan has had enough of his bad reputation and takes matters into his own hands. He will head up to Earth himself to prove to humans that he is actually a good guy.

He finds a couple of middle-aged Goth worshippers, Humphrey and Cordelia, who quite literally play devil’s advocate, defending Satan to everyone. But when Satan arrives, chaos ensues: people run away in fear, others attack him... News of his presence on Earth gets out and becomes the most talked about event in the media. He has never experienced such widespread hatred from so close. Worst of all, his only source of support and new roommates, Humphrey and Cordelia, secretly creep him out. Satan is depressed and he needs professional help.

The only therapist who agrees to see him is Nat, a young hipster. Although she is terrified, she is also broke and needs new clients. She proves to be very understanding, Satan falls in love with her. With Nat’s help, he begins to control his anxiety and become more self-aware of his abnormal strength. Satan goes around town repairing all the damage he has caused since his arrival to Earth. News of his good deeds spreads and people start warming to Satan.

However, as he gains the public's trust, criminals reason that if Satan is a nice guy, then there is no reason to fear going to Hell, so crime rates rise drastically and public disapproval increases again. Just as Satan was overcoming his depression, an existential crisis now kicks in, and Nat grows ever closer to him, truly caring for him. Worse still, the only person capable of helping him, Nat, is murdered. Tired of Satan's crying, Humphrey and Cordelia console him and convince him to be evil again: Satan is supposed to be feared. If he wants the world to be a better place, there needs to be a bad guy. And he will take on that role with pride.

Submitted: November 15, 2016
Last Updated: August 3, 2020

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The Writer: Chris Weber

I grew up making movies with my brother in South America. After living in Canada and the UK for 6 years, I'm currently based in New York. I've always loved comedy and started writing in 2010, always in the free time around my jobs in education. I love supporting independent/amateur artists and am always open to feedback on my work. Go to bio

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