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Inspired by my short film of the same name.
A father on the run after being accused of murdering his children must destroy an ancient evil before it kills again

JOHN HAMMOND, a mechanic and estranged father, is ushered back to his parent's home by the deathbed request of his grandfather. This is when John learns of his grandfather's WWII experience with a demonic jack-in-the-box (The Devil's Toy) and his responsibility to keep it from killing again. While John is learning how a swastika protects you from the box his kids have found the item and opened it leading to their death.

John realizes his father was telling the truth, in shock and fearing what everyone would think he runs. His mother (LINDA) see's him run after finding her father dead and the kids missing. The worse is suspected.

DETECTIVE MARCH arrives and the hunt for John is on. In the mean time, John drives to a remote hotel trying to get his head straight and figure out his next move. This is when a police officer first spots him. After a rough arrest, the police take John and the box to a small police station.

March heads to the police station to collect John. Before he gets there, they try to beat a confession out of him. Unfortunately, one of them opens the box, which kills them all. During this John is given an unclear vision of the future by the box. John takes his opportunity and frees himself just before March arrives.

The death of John's grandfather and missing children captures the attention of WILMOT HEINRICH, an ex-nazi who has spent decades looking for the box. Wilmot hires a BISHOP, a detective who doesn't ask too many questions, to find John and the box. They now join the chase.

After examining the security footage from John's escape it becomes clear to March that John wasn't the one that killed the cops, but he is still connected somehow and still has to answer for his children's deaths.

Wilmot and Bishop head to John's parent's farm to join the wake for his grandfather. Bishop checks out the surroundings while Wilmot questions John's mother about the box. Puts pressure on Linda pushing her to kick him out.

Wilmot explains that the box is very important to him...this leads to a flashback explain the history of the box in Austria as it was being carried by an Indian gypsy (MANISH and MAYA). This is when a young Wilmot is introduced to the box and the ward (Swastika) that protects the wearer from the box's wrath. During this exposure, he is shown his future. This also explains Wilmot's attachment to the box and a hint as to why he is chasing it.

John makes a trip to his old garage in an attempt to destroy the box. The attempt fails and his is nearly captured, but the box kills the elderly couple that owns the shop. This time there is a witness confirming that John is innocent. John's next attempt to destroy the box is in the belly of a metal smelter only he's intercepted by the skin-heads who use the foundry for their parties. John fights back. The box kills, and the vision becomes more clear.

Now John is now being chased by the police, Wilmot, and skinheads. The chase ends at the warehouse John had seen in the box's visions. John is laid low by the skinheads who are then taken care of by Bishop. Wilmot gets the box and reveals that he was tracking it down so he could reverse the damage that the box as caused, he can bring them back. Wilmot's attempt brings some of the victims back, but it starts to go horribly wrong bringing forth a monstrosity made up of the box's victims.

Wilmot is overwhelmed by his failure. John takes charge, rescues his kids and destroys the beast just in time for the arrival of the police. After the dust settles and the crime scene roped off Manish and Maya, the gypsies from the flashback, sneak the box away.

This was the short film shot to drum up interest. It has won many awards.
Submitted: April 30, 2019
Last Updated: April 30, 2019
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The Writer: Chris Keaton

Chris Keaton, like many deranged people, writes screenplays and actually believes he's pretty good at it. His delusion has brought him to write at least a dozen feature films and numerous short scripts of questionable quality. Several directors have been enabling Chris Keaton's mental illness by actually producing his screenplays traumatizing unwitting audiences around the globe. And to make things worse he's now writing novels and short stories. When will this reign of terror end? If you feel compelled to peek into the world of a madman, you can check out his IMDB page and website at the links to the right. Go to bio

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