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After robbing a casino, three dim-witted criminals make an attempt to escape to Scotland on a double-decker bus.

Gregg, Bruce, and Mikey rob a casino and use a double-decker bus as their escape vehicle, as it's so ostentatious nobody would be looking for it.

Gregg has lost several hundred grand to the casino, who he knows are cheating, so he sees this as fair.

Mikey, not overly smart, picks up Tamsin (Gregg's girlfriend) and Natasha (Gregg's sister), neither of whom knew what was going on until they get on the bus.

As Gregg tries to soothe things with Tamsin, and Bruce and Natasha have sexual tension, Mikey lets three passenger's get on.

As this is happening, Mr Head, the casino owner, sends his best man, Mr Koates, out to find the robbers based on security footage. The police are also involved in the form of Det Rose and Sgt Brooks.

They off-load the passengers, and make it to Scotland where they have a lake-side cottage waiting for them, but Mr Head and Koates find them. Head kills Koates because he killed two of the passengers, and then takes his money and leaves.

The men then reveal that they hid another bag of money on the bus. Tamisn and Natasha tell the men to get rid of Koates's body while they go an retrieve the other bag, though they share a look that suggests once they get the bag of money they won't be coming back.

Submitted: September 11, 2020
Last Updated: September 11, 2020

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The Writer: James McCann

I am a prolific writer of screenplays (feauture and short), pilot epiosdes, novels, short stories and lyrics. I have sold one feature, had a feature optioned, had two shorts produced and have three shorts in preproduction. Due to an unfortunate incident involving a donkey, a nun and a bottle of cologne, I am no longer allowed back in Peru. Go to bio

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