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Something terrifying awakens within a middle-aged mom when she finally decides to watch the cult classic horror film that she starred in as a child.

To this day, rumors persist of a supposed “curse” attached to the cult classic horror film, “The Beholder”. The movie enjoyed both critical acclaim and box office success upon its premiere in October of 1983, and it is still commonly hailed as being among the most terrifying films in the history of American cinema.

But the film’s production was plagued by an endless string of on-set accidents, misfortune and tragedy. And the “curse” only seemed to intensify in the months and years following the movie’s release with the mysterious and untimely deaths of many of the cast and crew, including director John Friedman and lead actors, Betsy Cartwright and Peter Monahan.

Only nine years old at the time, the film’s youngest star, Joanne Harvey, seemed poised to take the movie industry by storm. But in the wake of an auto accident that claimed the lives of her parents after the premiere of “The Beholder”, Joanne Harvey disappeared from Hollywood, never to be heard from again.

Submitted: November 9, 2018
Last Updated: November 12, 2018

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The Writer: Nick Morris

Hi, all! I'm a lifelong horror enthusiast and an undeniable product of the VHS era. As such, my love affair with "the movies" started at age 5 with Star Wars and has continued to flourish unabated ever since. I wrote my first script in 2013 and have completed several more features, shorts and pilots since then. I even managed to land my first sale recently (yay!). As a writer, horror is my primary focus but I'm a fan of many different genres and am only interested in telling stories that I'm passionate about and would personally pay to see in a theater. I do try to keep budget in mind and the scope of my scripts as tight as possible but I strive to create stories with big, fun concepts and... Go to bio
Manager: Tammy Hunt - The Natoma Group

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