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The city is in the grip of terror. Something is sucking the life out of its victims. The police are baffled. Is anyone safe from The Evils of Anthelia?

A city is in the grip of terror. A supernatural creature is on the loose sucking the life out its victims. It seems no one is safe from this fiend. The police are helpless against such a force. Enter Frank and his partner Joe. Two loose cannon police detectives. Will their off the wall methods be enough to save the city?

Mummified bodies are being found with little or no clues to the perpetrators. The bodies pile up, the evidence and clues are sparse putting pressure on the police to find an answer. They believe it is the work of a serial killer.

False leads are generated setting back the investigation. Frank and Joe notice the other detectives around them acting strangely, against type, possessed. The city is in an uproar. Why don’t the police find the killer? Incompetence is implied. Accusations fly.

Lack of progress begins to take its toll on Frank and Joe. Frank’s wife Maggie notices that Franks behavior at home has become erratic, distant, frustrating her as she doesn’t like him bringing his work home.

As the days stretch on links to past cases across the country are discovered in other cities where similar deaths occurred. A direct link from fifty years ago to Frank is discovered. It was his father’s last case, unsolved. The death of his partner, in the same manner. Personal lives and the case have become intertwined.

To further complicate the situation there has been Cult activity from worshipers of an entity called the Succubus. A supernatural creature that sucks the souls from the living. Symbols of the cult appear. As the bodies pile up, including one police officer, the city grinds to a halt causing citizens to stay in their homes.

The cult is investigated. Sam, the Forensics expert shares with Frank and Joe, that similar cases show up exactly 50 years apart. Frank, Joe and Sam look deeper into the Succubus mythology and find the link to Frank’s father’s last unsolved case. The one that drove him from the force ruining him.

Frank goes home to clear his mind and get a fresh perspective. He arrives to a dark house, as he pushes his office door open he notices a soft glow from his computer monitor. On screen is a beautiful red headed woman. An alluring woman. A dangerous woman. He flashes back to a picture Sam had shown him. The same woman. A Succubus. There is a presence at the door. Thinking it is Maggie, Frank turns and is mesmerized by the red headed beauty. She comes to him and sits on his lap and starts to kiss him. As she does Frank starts to struggle. Horror crosses his face as his soul is sucked out of him. The being jerks suddenly, shrieking horribly and falls to the floor. Maggie stands over the body holding a knife soaked in black blood. Maggie stares a Frank and says, “Why Frank? Why do you have to bring your work home?”

Frank releases his report to the Captain, as is, despite the freakish nature of the case. He leaves on a well-deserved vacation to visit the grave of his father.

Another city. A dark street. A police officer is found dead in a doorway. He is mummified.

Submitted: February 21, 2018
Last Updated: February 21, 2018

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The Writer: Dale Gillespie

I have been writing screenplays since 2005, however I wrote my first two in 1973 and then did not write for 32 years. I have been writing pretty steady since 2005. I write in pretty much all genres, or least I will take a wack at them but I like writing Horror and SciFi Short and Features. I have also been working on 3 Anime series. I have been a part of the Entertainment Industry for over 40 years on Stage and in front of and behind the camera. I feel I lend a unique perspective to the screenwriting process becasue I have worked on both sides of the camera. As a Makeup Artist and an Actor. So I know what the actor needs to see in a screenplay. I write because I have to. I need to get the... Go to bio

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