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When a disgraced soldier's brother goes missing on an uncharted island, she joins a military expedition to the island and they confront a hostile world where humanity is at the bottom of the food chain.

In the opening scenes we see the fall of the protagonist Alex. She rescues a group of crucified American Soldiers from the desert on the island. Once they get them back to the outpost, FOB Smith, they realize they have to be evacuated to be saved and Alex goes against orders to call an evacuation. Alex is shot during the evacuation, but survives and is charged, found guilty, and discharged from the Army.

Fast forward to current day and Moose One-Eight, an Army C-130 carry classified cargo, crashes on the island in a storm. Ethan Eshe, Alex's younger brother, is sent to rescue the survivors and recover the cargo, but his team goes missing hours after landing on the island.

General Washington, a high-ranked military officer in DC, orders Ben McGinnis, a Special Forces officer, to find Alex. Ben finds her in South Africa, working on an archaeological site and offers her a choice, return willingly and remain a civilian or refused, and be arrested. 

Ben brings Alex to General Washington and is surprised to learn that they know one another. Alex and Washington argue and Washington reveals he sent Ethan to the island. Alex punches him and ends up in a jail cell. Ben gives her one last chance and Alex agrees to return to the island.

Meanwhile, the survivors of Moose One-Eight wake up and begin to take stock. A handful are still alive, Doc Bennett, a Special Forces medic, SFC Gordon, a weapons specialist, Dallas, one of the pilots and Maybree, a civilian politician. They struggle to find water and care for several wounded people.

Alex, Ben and the Expedition, led by Major Watkins, a politically-minded desk officer, arrive on the island and make their way towards the volcano in the center of the island, on boats. They travel upriver, pass through a series of caves and find a valley filled with blood stained grass. They're attacked by a titanboa but Alex manages to drive it off. Ben decides to split the Expedition and takes half the group to search for the wounded. Major Watkins and Alex take the other half and continue along the river.

Alex and Ben share a moment before they split, acknowledging that they have different goals but a common interest. 

The survivors of Moose One-Eight leave the wreckage to search for water and notice that the bodies of most of the passengers have been taken. they search a nearby cave for water, but the approaching roar of an unseen creature causes them to run back to the wreckage.

Ben and his men make their way through the jungle to meet up with Alex and the other half of the Expedition. Due to the storm and the terrain of the jungle they fall into a gorge that begins to fill with water. They attempt to climb out and fail due to the walls of the gorge being to soft to support their wait. They try to find a way out of the gorge but can't. As the gorge fills with water, they decide to ditch their gear to keep from drowning. They try to a throw a rope and hook over the gorge wall but it fails to catch. At the last minute, they make one last throw and Alex, who realized they were in trouble, catches it.

In the last scene, we find Ethan and Miles, a member of his team, struggling through the jungle. Wounded and exhausted, they stumble upon the remains of Alex's outpost, FOB Smith.

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Quarterfinalist Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2019
Quarterfinalist Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2018

Submitted: April 1, 2019
Last Updated: March 3, 2020

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The Writer: Rachel Fischer

Rachel spent her childhood getting into trouble on a working cattle ranch and joined the Army Reserve after high school. She has served on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, first as a civil affairs specialist, then a medic and finally as a combat pilot, flying Chinook helicopters. She, and her pilot Tucker, were just accepted into the WGA’S Veteran’s in Writing Fellowship in 2020. Rachel writes emotionally charged character-based action, adventure, sci-fi and mystery/thriller. Her pilot NOVA has been a semi-finalist and finalist in multiple contests (Filmmatic, LAISA, Diverse Voices, etc), and her goal is to develop and staff in television, as well as film. Go to bio

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