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A disgraced soldier on a mission to find her missing brother becomes entangled in a military conspiracy on an island the Bermuda Triangle where dinosaurs roam and nightmares bleed into reality.

In the opening scene we see what's left of the military's first expedition to the island, as the protagonist Alexandria 'Alex' Eshe struggles to get the survivors out. Five years later a Special Forces Team is transporting dangerous cargo when their plane crash-lands on the island. The first rescue team, Rescue One, are briefed on a Navy ship off the coast of the island. Led by Ethan Eshe, Alex's younger brother. Ethan is struggling with his first command of a special team with much more experience than him. His best friend and Second-In-Command Miles does his best to help him out. At the wreckage, the survivors care for the wounded and try to get organized. Realizing they need water to survive, three leave the wreckage to search the mountain. Ethan and his team launch and their helicopters cross the mountain ridge line that surrounds the island. As they fly towards the interior the helicopters begin to suffer from electrical interference that forces them to land. Ethan and his team continue on foot while the aircrews make repairs in a small valley. At the same time a world away, Alex, now a civilian archaeologist, emerges from a cave exploration to a voicemail from Ethan, telling her he is in the Bermuda Triangle. Ethan and his team push further into the jungle and Ethan struggles to make radio contact with the ship to report their progress. The survivors explore the mountain and realize that many of the bodies from the wreckage are missing. They explore an outcropping of rocks, but before they can get too far a huge Komodo Dragon arrives. Ethan and his team hear the roar of the Komodo Dragon miles away in the jungle but decide to press on. The ship loses contact with Ethan's team and reports to General Washington. The Komodo Dragon kills and eats one of the survivors, then starts to drag the wreckage down the mountain. Alex storms into General Washington's office and demands to join the rescue effort. She meets Ben McGuiness, the other protagonist, who steps between her and General Washington. Washington refuses to admit that something has gone wrong on the island and gets the call that Ethan's team is overdue while Alex is in the office. In the jungle Ethan stops for a headcount and realizes that Miles is missing. Alex and her team join the task force on the ship and clash with its commander, Major Watkins,. Alex's team answer questions from the soldiers, but their concerns seem outlandish and the soldiers don't take them seriously. Alex and Ben have another confrontation before the task force launches and heads into the island. They cross the ridge line and proceed up the river in boats. They attacked by something in the river but manage to get away and find the valley where the helicopters from Ethan's team landed. They helicopters are still there but they can't find anyone from the crews. They follow a trail of blood into the jungle and find the mangled body of one of Ethan's team. In the final scenes, pygmies destroy the boats left moored on the river and Ethan and Miles, both badly wounded, stumble through the jungle and find FOB Smith, an abandoned military base.

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Quarterfinalist Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2019
Quarterfinalist Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2018

Submitted: April 1, 2019
Last Updated: October 13, 2019
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Last Downloaded: October 13, 2019

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The Writer: Rachel Fischer

So little time, so many places to see, so many stories to tell! Writing has been a passion of mine since high school, but it took a long, winding journey for me to work up the courage to decide to go for a career as a screenwriter. I’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan, gone to University in Scotland, wandered through different states and different countries and come home with .75cents in my bank account (thank you Dad for the save on that one!). I have a family that indulges me as much as they keep me grounded, thought the food in the desert villages in the Middle East was amazing, Loch Ness was as haunting as Mammoth Lakes and Kyoto on a misty morning and every time I go somewhere new I... Go to bio

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