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An America Indian and her drinking buddy from another star system battles deplorable meat eating ETs then saves humanity from their most formidable foe. . . . Humans!

FACT: The Extraterrestrial Highway (State Route 375) stretches 98 miles in southern Nevada paralleling the northern boundary of Area-51. The town of Rachel is at about midway on the highway.

EDIT #1: This story achieved the FINALS in the 2019 LAS VEGAS INTERNATIONAL FILM & SCRIPT competition.

Dakoda, the American Paiute Indian, discovered that her drinking buddy from the Tau-Ceti star system keeps her cloaked saucer hidden in Area-51. Her race is far advance in technology and IQ. We are unaware that her kind are among us, breeding with us, and interfering in our political elections.

This story LIKENED TO: "Ms. RAMBO" and her female ET drinking buddy meets "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL" and rescue "PASSENGERS" from hungry, evil, nasty, and disgusting ETs.

Thousands of docile Nexkarian aliens from planet, Tau-Ceti ‘e’, are on earth studying our culture, assimilating, and breeding with us. These Nexkarians also are preparing to take over our planet. No one has ever realized that they may have had very intimate sexual relations with one or more of these humanoid ETs . . . Until now!

One of these Nexkarian ETs is sassy CAROL ROYAL whose earthling drinking buddy is a Paiute Indian college girl called DAKODA, who is very proud of her native south-western heritage and the American way.

After an evening of drinking, Dakoda gets abducted from earth by three hungry ETs. Carol chases the evil meat eating ETs in her own private flying saucer that she keeps hidden in Area-51, near Las Vegas. She rescues her best friend just after Dakoda kicks those evil ET asses.

Carol rushes Dakoda to the Nexkarian Stella Hospital on Tau-Ceti ‘e’, 12 light years away, to have her bloody wounds treated and eradicate the virus she contracted before it dissolves her brain.
After released from the hospital, Dakoda experiences shocking cultural differences to include the food on Tau-Ceti ‘e’ that she strongly detest.

On an afternoon, Carol’s beach community on her home planet is attacked by some hungry evil meat eating ETs. Dakoda’s new Nexkarian ET acquaintances get abducted or killed during the assault. Dakoda kicks a few of the hungry ET’s asses until the rest of them had enough and fly away.

Carol’s Nexkarian husband is found dead and partially eaten on the beach surf. This gives Carol more justifiable resolve to hunt down and kill those evil ETs.

Dakoda gives her new alien Nexkarian friends some courage by teaching them how to defend themselves and kick ass by using their hands.
Carol and Dakoda depart planet Tau-Ceti-e with a fleet of three dozen flying battle saucers. They find the evil ET base on the far side of the earth’s moon. Carol's armada of 36 saucers battles the evil ETs hundred plus saucers.

The war is fought with huge colorful explosions on and all around the moon that are seen from the earth. This shocks the watching earthlings. After the war and upon return to earth, Carol and Dakoda must now stop the possible annihilation of earthlings from their most formidable foe . . . Humans!

Submitted: February 19, 2019
Last Updated: September 23, 2019
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The Writer: Steve Sorenson

Retired from the US army in 1987. Served 20 years as a motion picture cameraman and still photographer in the United States Army Signal Corp. Some of my most notable military photography assignments were: a) Photographing the armistice meetings in Panmunjom Korea. b) Still and motion picture documentation of army weapons and equipment testing in sub-zero temperatures at the Cold Regions Test Center, Fort Greely, Alaska. c) Making and editing 16mm medical training film productions at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington DC. d) Instructed Army, Air Force, and Marine students the craft of motion picture photography and film editing at the Lowry AFB, Denver, CO. Now living... Go to bio

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