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A veteran detective races to uncover the connection between the brutal murders of a young boy’s family and a group hunted by a mysterious creature that can manipulate the mind of its prey.

In October 1993, 6-year-old Daniel Crowe watched as his family was brutally murdered in their home by a mysterious creature, who chose not to target Daniel that evening. 18 years later, the story alternates between two parallel stories: the events that occurred to Adam Ducane and his friends in a Washington forest and Detective Ryan Carson's ensuing investigation regarding the disappearance of the group.

Adam, in an attempt to escape his everyday mundane life, was looking forward to a relaxing weekend of camping and enjoying the great outdoors with his friends; including his girlfriend, Ashley, and her 8-year-old brother, James. They meet the four other members of their group at the base of the trail before hiking into the forest. When one of the group members goes missing during the first night, Adam and the remaining members resolve to hike out of the woods the next morning to find help. Even though the group manages to survive until dawn, they discover that everyone's cell phone is missing. As the group wanders deeper into the forest inching their way back towards civilization, they may discover that one of them is not who they seem. The question is: Will they give into their fears and turn on each other or will they band together to survive the forest?

Meanwhile, Detective Carson races to find Adam and his friends who have been missing for four days. His only lead, the now catatonic 8-year-old James; the only known survivor of the group. When Detective Carson's investigation reveals a series of seemingly related disappearances spanning the last several years, he uncovers a terrifying truth connecting the missing group to the brutal murders of Daniel's family: Daniel has been leading different groups into the woods for years as a sacrifice to the creature. The situation is further complicated by the sudden reappearance of Daniel at a local hospital; his blood containing concentrations of various neurotoxins and traces of LSD having been envenomed by the creature when he was 6. After Daniel dies in the hospital, Detective Carson quickly leads several police officers into the forest to locate Adam and the other missing group members.

In the end, Adam successfully kills the creature; shoving it off a cliff in the process. Unfortunately, he dies as a result of injuries sustained during the confrontation; leaving Ashley as the only other surviving group member who is rescued by Detective Carson. As Ashley returns home, it is revealed that 8-year-old James had been envenomed by the creature prior to the events in the forest. Another creature appears and murders James' parents; leaving James to serve as Daniel's replacement.

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The Writer: Aaron Ridenour

I placed 2nd in the Phi Kappa Phi writing competition at Brigham Young University with my research paper “The Infertility Resilience Model: Assessing Individual, Couple, and External Predictive Factors,” which was later published in Contemporary Family Therapy. During the last several years, I have written several short films, one Webisode series, and scripts for three book trailers; one of which was a semifinalist in a competition. I was also a semifinalist in the SoCreate screenwriting competition. I have completed four feature-length screenplays and fulfilled responsibilities as an actor and director in several local productions. While attending Brigham Young University, I studied film,... Go to bio

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