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The First Born

Before Dracula, there was PASHERA. She was reborn during the Hebrew Exodus, wept at the feet of Jesus on Calvary, and was a mentor to Vlad the Impaler (Dracula). This is her story.



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Originally set in 1446 BC Egypt during the plagues, the story ends in 1456 Romania.


The story begins with an Egyptian woman, Pashera. She would sometimes visit the Hebrew market place in disguise to acquire some of their spices she grew fond of. One day while shopping there, she overhears the nervous whisperings of the Hebrews. Tonight, they believe a destroyer was coming for the firstborn of Egypt. Pashera had witnessed the great plagues brought upon Egypt and feared the Hebrew God.

Under cover of darkness, Pashera secretly sacrifices a lamb and marks her door with lamb’s blood as Moses instructed the Hebrews to do. She only has one child, a son named BASRA, and wants to protect him from the wrath of this Hebrew God.

Pashera’s plan works initially, but GOD is furious that she has spilled the blood only meant for the Hebrews in an attempt to deceive Him. GOD sends a messenger to invoke punishment on his behalf.

Eventually, the prophecy would come true, and Pashera would be forced to kill Basra in self-defense, but not before he bites her. Pashera would be reborn as a vampire, and our story follows her down the path of awakening, survival, and vengeance.

ACT ONE – GENESIS (episodes 1-3) will focus on Pashera’s transformation and her struggle to survive. Episode 1 is the vampire origin story. Viewers will learn how Pashera’s decision to save her son ultimately leads to the creation of the first vampire.

ACT TWO – THE MESSIAH (episodes 4-6) are set about 1500 years later during the time Jesus walks the Earth. These episodes depict Pashera’s mission to meet the Messiah and beg him to remove the curse. Episode 6 marks a turning point for Pashera’s character. In this episode, Pashera finally makes it to see Jesus, but he is seconds from dying on the cross. We then witness Pashera’s transformation from an anti-hero to the villain of the story that kills without hesitation or mercy.

ACT THREE - BLOODLUST (episodes 7-9) starts with Pashera on the warpath, killing everyone she can find; furious that the only person that could have removed the curse was dead. Something snapped inside of Pashera when Jesus died, and for the first time in her existence, her killing is completely random except for Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas. Any shred of humanity she possessed was left upon Calvary with Jesus. She spares no one in her immediate vicinity during her rampage, including women and children.

ACT FOUR - SCION (episodes 10-12) depict Pashera arriving in Romania decades after the massacre in Jerusalem. She heard the tales of Vlad III’s impalings and was impressed by his
cruelty. She is curious to find someone that hates God and humanity as much as she and believes it is time for vampires to multiply and establish their dominance over humans.

Submitted: March 31, 2021
Last Updated: March 31, 2021

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The Writer: Lonnie McIntyre

I've spent most of my adult life serving in the U.S Military. I've written screenplays and short stories here and there over the years. I'm excited to have the opportunity to write full time and connect with other writers. Go to bio

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