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The Flesh Eater

A college senior and her friends go on a pre-graduation camping trip, but when the shadowy flesh-eating creature from her nightmares starts killing them one-by-one, she must find a way to escape.



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For Nina, her upcoming college graduation is a bag of mixed emotions. The only thing that is keeping her from losing her mind completely is the upcoming trip to the mountains with her friends, but on the eve of her trip, she has a violent nightmare about killing two strangers in the woods, which leaves her shaken.

As Nina, her boyfriend Ashton, her best friend Madison, and her boyfriend Elliot make their way up to the cabin, Nina discovers that there might be more to her nightmare when she notices a missing poster of the couple she killed in her dream while buying snacks at a convenience store. When Nina tells Madison about her nightmare, Madison brushes off her concerns and convinces her that it was nothing more than a coincidence. Reluctantly, Nina continues on to the cabin with her friends.

The weekend starts off with a surprise visit from Madison’s brother Matthew and his girlfriend Amelia, but quickly take a chilling turn after a night of drinking. That night Nina dreams Madison is killed by a flesh-eating monster, only for it to come true the next day. As the rest of the group tries to pry the truth from a visibly shaken Elliot, the creature stalks them from the forest. This sets in motion a series of events that leaves Nina heartbroken.

One by one, Nina’s friends are picked off by the flesh-eating monster as they try to escape its prodigious appetite. After fleeing with Matthew and Elliot, the trio crashes the car and they are left wandering through the woods in search of the safety of a nearby neighbor. After Elliot is lured away by the creature and Matthew decides it might be best for him and Nina to split up to ensure at least one of them survives.

Alone and terrified, Nina finds her way to a nearby home, but the occupants are less than thrilled to see her and call the police. When the Sherriff arrives and places Nina in the back of her Jeep, Nina is relieved to finally be safe from death. Unfortunately, the creature has other plans. On the drive down the mountain road, an obstacle in the road forces the Sherriff to pull over to investigate, leaving Nina alone in the back of the Jeep to watch in horror as the creature decimates the Sherriff.

Frantic to escape, Nina breaks the back window and climbs out of the backseat and slides behind the wheel. She rams the creature several times seemingly killing it before racing down the mountain toward the safety of the town.

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The Flesh Eater was named a Quarterfinalist in the 7th annual Stage 32 Search for New Blood screenwriting competition.

Submitted: October 31, 2020
Last Updated: November 30, 2021

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The Writer: Renee Miller

Renee is an optioned screenwriter from Denver, Colorado, working on her next feature-length spec script. Her first feature-length script, Insanity, was a finalist in the 2017, screenplay competition. When she's not working on her craft she spends her time working as a freelance business writer and chasing her daughter. Go to bio