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The Fourth Reich

Modern-day Nazis steal the remains of Hitler to clone kidnapped females and “resurrect” their former leader while being tracked by a female FBI agent who believes that the ends justify the means.



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Indie book of same title by author screenplay

This script is a book adaptation of my Indie thriller novel of the same name in which a strong female lead, FBI Agent Jeannie Loomis, is the main character. She is a flawed but dedicated law enforcement officer who believes that the ends justify the means.
On an uncharted island off the coast of Argentina, Dr. Wolfgang Hausser, a relative of the infamous Auschwitz doctor Joseph Mengele (Angel of Death), has continued experiments in eugenics, with a desire to create the Fourth Reich. But Hausser’s decades-long experiments do not stop there.
After securing the remains of Adolf Hitler from the Russian secret police, the FSB, he plans on using the Fuhrer’s DNA to clone the Nazi party leader and introduce him to the 21st century.
FBI Special Agent Jeannie Loomis and her team are requested by Interpol agent Sean Delaney, to assist with their agency’s frustrating investigation of kidnapped females, similar in appearance, from both western Europe and the United States. Initially, they think it is a sophisticated international sex trafficking organization It is later determined that these unfortunate females are being used as surrogate mothers.
With little regard for the welfare of the surrogate mothers, Dr. Hausser hopes that an exact clone of Hitler will aid to the development and growth of a new Fourth Reich. Financed by The Organization, an international group of modern-day Nazis, Hausser decides to clone more than more clone of the Fuhrer.
Agent Loomis joins Interpol and together they investigate the kidnappings leading to Dr. Hausser. Loomis is kidnapped and transported to Hausser’s secret island where his experimentations are near completion.
The Organization is surprised when Dr. Hausser presents them with not only one Hitler clone, but several (saving one for himself). Loomis is transported with Hausser and one of the Hitler clones to Hitler’s birthplace in Austria where Delaney and Interpol track them down. A shootout takes place killing Dr. Hausser and his trusted nurse. In the process, the clone is also killed. As the investigation wraps up, Agent Loomis and Delaney realize that one clone is still missing.
If you enjoy this plot and the adventures of Jeannie Loomis, she is the main female lead in two other available scripts: Ark of the Covenant and The Phantom Train. She will “appear” again in the next script, Rollercoaster.

Submitted: October 7, 2022
Last Updated: March 15, 2023

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The Writer: Gary Rose

I am a retired police detective, hostage negotiator, educator of at-risk incarcerated juveniles and adults, and Indie writer. After success with my second novel, Hitting Rock Bottom, which became an Amazon best seller, I continue with my writing, creating my strong female protagonist, FBI Agent Jeannie Loomis. Jeannie is a flawed but dedicated law enforcement officer who believes the ends justify the means. If you enjoy John Stanford's Lucas Davenport character in his Prey novels, Jeannie is the equivalent. To date, I have completed the tenth novel in the thriller/adventure/action genre with the latest, titled Rollercoaster now published. Due to the success of these novels, I decided to... Go to bio

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