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After deterioration of the sun has ravaged Earth into a deep freeze, a mother seeking medical care for her daughter dying of radiation poisoning navigates the frozen hellscape to find a abandoned hospital.

“The Frozen Hell” is written along the lines of films such as “Children of Men”, with factions fighting in a dying world similar to “Mad Max,” and stylised as other films such as “The Road”, although familiar amidst a stacked post-apocalyptic film genre, it has opportunities to eclipse these similarities as a fleshed-out series.

The series is about how after the Earth falls out of orbit around a weakened sun (less mass, less gravitational pull) and perpetual night leaves the planet frozen over and nearly uninhabitable.

In the pilot with the Earth frozen into a post-apocalyptic tundra, a handful of survivors attempting to stay warm at an isolated nuclear power plant begin to suffer the effects of radiation poisoning. Her daughter dying, a woman named Gaia along with fellow survivors strikes out to find the last remaining hospital, and travels through abandoned cities, witnessing the horrific aftermath of death and human cruelty.

Navigating the dystopian landscape they come to realise that others may still be alive, only to find themselves faced with twisted antagonists enduring these “end of times”, predominantly a faction which survived within the padded walls of a insane asylum, but also something far more sinister in a turn as a fantastical being in its horror.

All endure these “end of times” in ignorance, as the "unknown" cause of the weakened sun is coming.

Submitted: December 4, 2019
Last Updated: December 4, 2019

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The Writer: Robert Bowman

In all my stories, the graphic sequences authentically relay the horrors of life, depicting brutality and savagery, always as each sequence has been written with artistic imagery in mind. Visual accounts are always my initial inspiration, even with fiction, because I approached the story as a photographer, not in the clinical style; my words and the scenes I write are my pictures. This is my intangible obsession, my passion. I’m going to be honest. My words may divide you from me as your neighbour, and by no means will you want to seek me out. If I was to undergo a delicate and complicated surgery on my head, if my cranium was sawn and cracked opened, with the fragility of precise blood... Go to bio

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