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Two amateur filmmakers get hired to direct a film. They get excited until they realize that what they're directing is terrorist propaganda.

Our story centers around two friends, ED and RICHIE. For the past twelve years, the two Chicago natives have been trying to take over Hollywood with their movie ideas - to no success. Their annual tradition consists of taking a week off, traveling to L.A. and trying to network and pitch ideas to local producers.

This year, Richie begins to lose enthusiasm in this tradition, while Ed is full of excitement over it.

In the meantime, IZAAN, a higher-up at M.E.L.C. (Middle East Liberation Committee) is in desperate need of new recruits for his terrorist organization. His MOTHER suggests that ad campaigns are only as effective and that most people put their attention at what’s on the silver screen. That’s where Izaan gets his idea - to make a feature movie promoting MELC!

Ed and Richie arrive in LA for their week-long stay. Their agent, ROB, goes over their scripts and suggests they take some time out at the movies. There, they reflect over their annual trips to Hollywood and even Ed begins to reconsider them.

Izaan however discovers one of Ed’s scripts and, through Rob, invites him and Richie over to his office. Given that Izaan wants genuine American movie lovers who wouldn’t easily report him to the authorities, he offers Ed and Richie 2 million dollars to write and direct a movie for him.

Surprised, they happily accept and prepare a story in their hotel room. The story Izaan requests consist of a young American boy joining Middle Eastern vigilantes. Unknowingly, Ed and Richie craft a story ideal for Izaan’s needs and after a few revisions, they begin production.

Meanwhile, a FBI official called LEE finds out about the production and starts to investigate the set as Izaan is known to authorities, but proper evidence was never found for an arrest.

During the movie’s production, Richie becomes overwhelmed with happiness over the fact that he landed such a lucrative deal. Ed however becomes suspicious over some of Izaan’s revisions and eventually finds out that he was once wanted for money laundering.

Shocked by that discovery, Ed convinces Richie to break into Izaan’s office so that they may investigate anything unusual about Izaan. There, they discover who he really is and that their entire work was meant to be terrorist propaganda.

Back at their hotel room, Ed immediately decides to stop working on the film and to go back home. Richie doesn’t and choses to work with Izaan, ignoring the film’s potentially dangerous purposes. This causes a rift between the two.

Back on set, a sole Richie becomes uncomfortable and decides to see a movie. At the movies, he finds a child with his parents. The child reacts traumatically to a gun shot in the film and Richie finds out that him and his parents are refugees who fled a terrorist organization. This changes Richie’s mind and he becomes determined to stop working with Izaan. He catches Ed before he can board his train home and they reunite. Izaan however has found out through security footage that they’ve been in his office and sends his SECURITY to kidnap them.

At Izaan’s office, Ed and Richie find out that he has finished a raw version of the propaganda film and has sold distribution rights. They are shocked by this, but are helpless as Izaan is about to send them to a camp where he plans to force them to produce more propaganda films.

Trapped, Lee comes and rescues them! While they rejoice, Ed and Richie find out that Lee doesn’t have a warrant to arrest Izaan and that their propaganda film will make its way to the market if they don’t stop Izaan. So they make it their goal to stop Izaan themselves.

They ask Rob for his location, which he gives them after apologizing for having put them in contact with Izaan. Rob also reveals that part of the reason he hasn’t been giving them work for 12 years was that he didn’t even bother reading many of their scripts. Furious, Ed and Richie walk out.

They arm themselves with baseball bats and approach a suburban house, which turns out not to be Izaan’s but that of his EX-WIFE who happily reveals Izaan’s real location - a caravan in the suburbs.

There, Ed and Richie team up, distract security guards and slowly move toward Izaan’s caravan. Izaan however finds out and handcuffs them in front of his computer, which is almost finished transferring their film.

Then, Richie gets an idea. The movie they previously saw was “Dunkirk” and the movie Izaan planned to see after finished at the caravan was also “Dunkirk”. So Ed and Richie describe the movie in such emotional ways, that Izaan becomes distracted enough for Richie to run into him and and to give Ed enough time to destroy the film.

Defeated, Izaan gets arrested by JAMES, who was Ed and Richie’s cab driver but secretly an agent for Lee. It’s reveal that out of guilt, Rob informed James of Izaan’s location through his ex-wife.

Finally, having destroyed the dangerous film they helped create, we find out that Rob became an honest agent, Ed an intern for Lee and Richie married to his wife. But after all this, their trips to L.A. never stopped and we end with Ed and Richie at the same theater they were before, watching a movie adaptation of their story with a young boy being inspired by it. And while Ed and Richie didn’t produced a movie themselves, they were able to do something even better - live a story and inspire millions to do the right thing.

This script was written as a spec and a film student attempted to produce it within the past months. However, many actors called off and so eventually there was limited footage (enough for a trailer) that was shot. Thus, this script is open to whoever would like to adapt it. Just send me a message here or email me at if you're interested.

Submitted: June 11, 2018
Last Updated: January 12, 2019

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The Writer: Martin Samoylov

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