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The Girl in the Fence



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An anomaly in an online photo opens a divide between a childless couple which may be resolved if only they can understand what the photo is trying to reveal.

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The Girl in the Fence
An anomaly in an online photo opens a divide between a childless couple which may be resolved if only they can understand what the photo is trying to reveal.

Have you ever looked at a pile of scattered puzzle pieces of a landscape scene and thought, “Oh, how beautiful.” Probably not.  But, as you twist and turn the shapes and begin to interlock the pieces, something that was merely cardboard cutouts soon forms an image of beauty that resonates with you.

And have you searched through that same pile, looking for one piece in particular to fill in the gap, just for the satisfaction of making it complete?

And then if you try hard enough once more: can you even picture yourself there, in that scene enjoying the beauty of it all?

In Anthony Cawood’s “The Girl in the Fence,”  Jodie believes she has found something that will fill the gap in her life. But her husband Grady doesn’t quite see things the way she does.

Hey, take a look at this.

GRADY, 50s, balding and bespectacled enters the room carrying a bowl of soup.

Can I eat first?

He holds up the bowl.

No, this first... it's... beautiful.

He raises an eyebrow, but sees she's excited, so acquiesces. He puts the bowl down and joins her on the couch.


Jodie turns the laptop round a bit so he can see better.
INSERT: Laptop screen Street view, large garden fence, a few cars.
Jodie toggles the view round a little, a gate, more cars.


Yes, our street, our fence, fame at last.

No, not that, this.

INSERT: Laptop screen She zooms in on the screen, their garden fence looms large.


No... wait…

A finger points at a knot in the wood of the fence.

It's a --

A knot in the wood that looks a bit like a face.

She pushes his hand off the keyboard and zooms in some more. The face projects from the wall.

It's a girl.

If you say so.

I do. Wonder how it got there?

Well, the fence has been there forever.

He smiles, amused with his own joke.

Let's go check.


He points to the window, it’s pitch black outside. Jodie is already up and heading out of the room.

Apparently so.

However, in order to appreciate the beauty of life’s enchantments, one’s desires must far exceed one’s need for proof of the extraordinary. And in this case, Jodie’s desires lead her on a magical path to discovery.

“The Girl in the Fence” gently weaves the sadness of an irreplaceable loss with the magical wonders of following your heart.

But, be warned, this isn’t a script that you can take at face value, because maybe, just maybe this is the remarkable journey you’ve been waiting to discover for yourself.

Review by Linda Hullinger
Submitted: August 1, 2016
Last Updated: December 22, 2018

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The Writer: Anthony Cawood

Award-winning screenwriter with one feature produced and a further four features optioned or in pre-production. In addition to features, over forty short scripts produced/sold/optioned - including ten filmed. Also occasionally pens screenwriting articles, interviews with writers and filmmakers, and even a short story or two. You can find out more at Go to bio

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