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A young patriot who fought and received accolades in the Laser War is recruited for efficiently leading a double life, to seduce and spy on an ex-politician and perceived threat to his country.

sequel to 'Space Fish'

Fiery rocket debris rains over the street and through buildings, killing various people. DONNY SPRAT is now dead. His dead body falls too, and lands hard on the pavement. His entire body still encased in the red, velvety fabric originating from his artificial limb device, the red-grade Arti-Limb. Only vagrants walk the streets now, the rest hide from CURTIS RICOTZ. A small group of incredibly tanned homeless people, most with missing limbs, watches TVs on display outside an electronics shop that show news of Curtis using the war-grade Arti-Limb to wreak havoc against the city’s officers and military. Donny walks past the shop, on his way to the Canadian Space Agency.

An alarm goes off as Donny approaches the guard gate. Guards at the entrance shoot at Donny, the bullets do nothing to penetrate the red fabric. Donny walks between the guards, and they both take out their stun batons. One of the guards goes in front of Donny to block his path, while the other attempts to bash Donny's head in from behind. Donny sweeps the legs of the guard behind him, and while his body is still mid-air, Donny kicks him downward into the pavement. The guards bloody, torn up uniform drags along the ground, then comes to a halt, leaving behind a streak of blood that gets darker and gorier the closer it gets to Donny. Donny walks up to the second guard and he uppercuts him so hard in his stomach that his spine snaps, and the force of the punch launches him straight up into the sky. Donny makes his way to the entrance to the main building and enters it, and still the guard's body is many meters from reaching solid ground.

Donny walks through the halls while employees cower at his presence or hurriedly sneak past him. Inside the space agency control room the entrance has been put on lock-down and a large, metal door is in place to prevent Donny from entering. Donny throws a volley of punches and kicks at the three sets of metal doors. In seconds, the metal begins to bend with Donny's furious strikes, until he is able to simply tear through the metal like it were paper. Donny kills the employees one by one, or rather the Arti-Limb he has on does, until there is none left at the agency to stop him from taking a spaceship and leaving Earth. Donny enters an underground reserve spaceship and it launches into the sky.

In his mind's eye, Donny is at the beach with his friends and family and they are all having a good time. Donny is now at the park playing chess with his father, FRANCIS SPRAT, and he asks about his dad's and mother's past, and he tells him. A fifteen year old Francis breaks things off with his boyfriend when he enlists to join the Laser War fighting for his home country, the United States. Meanwhile, a fifteen year old ZELDA PARTREE decides to run for Prime Minister of Canada.

Francis is promoted to captain and loses every member of his squadron, while Zelda becomes the most popular candidate. The first world regions win the war, and Canada cancels their election and puts the old government back in power, and so Zelda's dreams are dashed. Francis is recruited to spy on Zelda for her political beliefs, and he convinces her he loves her, though he is only following orders. In time, Francis is told to propose to Zelda. She agrees, and soon after Francis is ordered to impregnate Zelda. She begins to get suspicious after Francis begins saying the wrong things and mixing up his stories. Zelda discovers Francis's secret that he is a spy, so she tries to run. Francis tells his government this and they have her assassinated. Donny forgives his father and continues to live happily with his friends and family inside his version of Heaven.

Curtis becomes the new ruler of Canada thanks to his war-grade Arti-Limb device, and he forces the rich out of their homes for the homeless to move into. Those evicted must endure the intense heat of the sun which is incredibly amplified from global warming. Their skin quickly burns and their hair becomes bleached. The ex-rich people are made to live like the poor for five years, until Curtis declares they have lived in the homeless's shoes long enough and that they are allowed back into shelters. After two years, the once rich people finish planning a revolt that takes place almost all over Canada.

That same year, a young French-Canadian man named REV convinces the inventor of the Arti-Limb, DR. WARDER, they need to kill Curtis. Dr. Warder develops blue-grade Arti-Limb devices for he and Rev to use against Curtis's war-grade armour. They arrive outside the House of Parliament where Curtis's base of operations is and they enter and attack him, though Curtis murders them both after an intense battle. Curtis kills Rev first. Dr. Warder is about to be killed also, but not before he cuts off the fabric forming Curtis's head, which unravels revealing that Curtis has already killed himself by shooting off his own head with a laser gun immediately after the homeless in Canada were all murdered. The war-grade Arti-Limb had taken on a mind of its own and uploaded Curtis's mind into its system before his death occurred.

Curtis scans the blood of his enemy and recognizes him to be Dr. Warder, the man who equipped him with his Arti-limb and helped him when he needed it most. Curtis then decides to leave Earth in a rocket ship to live in solitude. He arrives at a green planet similar to Earth, where he locates the same rocket that Donny left Earth in years ago. Curtis learns that all rockets follow a pre-set trajectory, and are actually transport vehicles for prisoners to be used as slaves, and for the very rich to escape global catastrophes. He is now on Mars, which was actually successfully terraformed thanks to the 'Musk Method’. Curtis vows not to let this planet repeat the mistakes of Earth, and rushes to free the slaves.

Submitted: November 14, 2018
Last Updated: June 25, 2020

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The Writer: Hank Biro

I am a Canadian screenwriter born and raised in London, Ontario. I have had a love for film since childhood, which has driven my passion for writing. Some screenwriters who have inspired and influenced my work include: David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, M. Night Shyamalan, Guillermo del Toro, David Lynch, Bong Joon-ho, and S. Craig Zahler. I have written many varieties of stories, with my focus over the past six years being on creating screenplays. Most of my screenplays include sociopolitical commentaries, and I feel all of my scripts contain striking visuals that would appeal to many audiences. Other samples of my writing can be found at: Go to bio

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