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With her son held as collateral, a young mother must help two violent criminals entrap her seemingly innocent neighbors, who helped protect her son in the past.

--Woman-in-Peril Thriller/Horror--

A few weeks ago, Brooke’s estranged husband went missing, presumed to be on the run after attempting to kidnap their son. She's been fighting with her husband’s drug addiction for a long time, but Brooke is considered lucky, for if it weren’t for her next-door neighbors, she may not have a family at all.

Now all Brooke can do is worry, but her parents and best friends convince her to move on and have fun, which for Brooke means: a bottle of wine and a night at home alone.

The moment she gets a second to relax, two young men sneak into her home and present her with a terrifying proposal: she can either help them entrap and torture her neighbors, or never see her son again. Terrified with her dilemma, she jumps on board their plan, but quickly makes an alarming discovery: her husband is locked in her neighbors’ basement, and she has the same fate.

Now she's in need of the two men she hated and feared more than anything, because her best friends aren’t who they seem, and the local police are corrupt. Luckily, her son’s captors are out for blood and they’ll stop at nothing until they get the vengeance they came for.

Submitted: August 3, 2019
Last Updated: August 3, 2019

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The Writer: Max Hoven

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