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The Incredible Tale of Mr. Wogglebug

A wise professor creates a unique insect to save a village from an evil landlady.



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a character by L. Frank Baum

The Enchanted Forest is slowly being destroyed by an evil sorcerer named Dorian. A small village in this forest is also under threat by a malevolent witch named Levitt, , a pawn in Dorian’s plan. She uses his dark magic to cast a plague upon the village and reveals to the townspeople she can save them, if they pay her in gold, which they cannot afford. She threatens to resurface the plague if they do not pay her.

Professor Knowitall, a wise old professor who is very respected in the Kingdom, is on a mission to stop Dorian and save their world. He puts his DNA into several bugs, called wogglebugs, in hopes they will restore balance to nature, while he focuses on one specific wogglebug who he plans to nurture and teach as an equal. Three years pass and Mr. Knowitall magnifies the wogglebug, turning him into a human sized intellectual bug with very proper manners and a smart mind. He tells the Wogglebug he must learn from others while he takes care of business in the forest, and drops him off with the Taylor Family, who take him in and give him some clothes, food and a warm place to sleep.

Mr. Wogglebug learns about etiquette, manners, human feelings and even love from the Taylor’s two children, Joshua and Benita. When Mr. Wogglebug learns their safety is at risk due to their greedy landlady, Mr. Wogglebug vows to find a job to help make the rent money. He bumps into a leprechaun named Liam, who tells him he cannot return home until his pot of gold is found and the third wish be wished. Mr. Wogglebug learns from Joshua and Benita that their great-great Grandfather helped Liam and was given three wishes but only made two. Now they must find the pot of gold, make the third wish and set him free - and that third wish may save the village from Levitt.

When Benita is taken by Levitt, Mr. Wogglebug and the Taylor family must search for the map to the pot of gold. Unable to locate it, Liam helps Mr. Wogglebug by giving him a dose of Irish luck. He finds the map inside his own hat, and the family sets off to find the gold. Benita escapes from the witch just in time for Mr. Wogglebug to find the pot of gold inside a well. They defeat Levitt when her plague spell bounces off the pot of gold and hits her instead.

Benita wishes that the entire village will have the gold so they can pay their rent. Liam grants the wish. Professor Knowitall gives Mr. Wogglebug the title Thoroughly Educated. Mr. Wogglebug decides to go to the castle to apply to be the King’s advisor. He says goodbye to the Taylors and is on his way.

Submitted: June 22, 2020
Last Updated: January 24, 2021

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The Writer: Cynthia Hanson

I have had a dream of writing a series of movies starring Mr. Wogglebug since I was twelve-years-old and have been writing since I was eighteen. I am also a published writer of novels and picture books. My goal is to make Mr. Wogglebug a beloved icon in pop culture for children, parents, and teachers for this day and age. Go to bio

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