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The Jet

A famous, non-binary pop singer must fight for their life in the confines of a private jet when they come face-to-face with their murderous stalker at 30,000 feet in the air.



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RANE (20) plays a concert at the Staples Center. Afterward, they go outside to sign autographs. A hand reaches across the barrier and pulls Rane into their crowd of fans. Fans try to take pictures with them as they are dragged down the street and towards an open van. The police are able to stop the MAN who has tried to kidnap Rane, and tells them that they’re lucky they got away.

Four years later, Rane is in therapy and suffers from PTSD after the attempted kidnapping. They ask their PSYCHIATRIST if they can up their dosage for their anxiety meds, but the psychiatrist denies them.

Rane gets a call from their manager GRAHAM about performing at a birthday party in Brazil. Rane tries to get out of it, but Graham makes them do it.

Rane boards a private jet to go to Brazil with Graham, their bodyguard PETER and their assistant MARY. Rane rehearses while Graham naps, Mary watches a movie, and Peter scopes out the jet. In the cargo hold, Peter discovers a Ferrari in mint condition. He gets inside and is attacked by the man. He tries to fight back, but the man kills Peter.

The man goes to the cockpit and kills the pilot and the co-pilot. He also turns off all of the lights. Rane leaves their stateroom to investigate why the lights went out and trips over Peter’s body. Mary and Graham emerge and freak out. The three of them go to the cockpit where they find the pilots dead. Mary goes to the bathroom to vomit and cry. Rane and Graham try to connect to the radio. They eventually get it and as they wait for a pilot to get on the radio and help them land, they check on Mary. They find her dead in the bathroom. The man comes and attacks them. He stabs Graham, but Rane is able to hit him hard in the head. The man flees. Rane goes to get a first aid kit and patch up Graham’s wound. Rane also grabs a knife.

Rane and Graham go back into the cockpit. The man on the radio says he found a pilot to help them. Rane panics at the prospect of landing the plane. They go to their room with Graham to get their anxiety pills. They successfully grab them, but accidentally drop them down the drain when the jet hits some turbulence. The man finds them and kills Graham. Rane falls and hits their head, passing out.

When Rane wakes up, they are alone and without their knife. They walk around the jet. In the theater, a recording of someone preaching about gender normativity is playing. The man captures Rane and puts them in the cockpit. When he’s not looking, Rane runs out of the cockpit.

Rane finds a fire extinguisher. He hits the man over the head with it, but can’t bring themself to kill him. They tie up the man and put him in the cockpit. Rane connects to the radio again and prepares to land. Rane goes through the man’s phone and finds more audio about gender normativity, stalker photos of Rane, and a video of the man in a dress. Rane is told by the operator that the Brazilian government will shoot down the plane if there’s evidence that it has been hijacked again. The man is able to break free from the ties.

The man chases Rane into the cargo hold. Rane pulls the release lever and the man is sucked down and almost out of the plane, but the man stabs a box and is able to hold himself up. Rane drives the Ferrari into the man, but he escapes. Rane crashes the car, and the man takes the opportunity to pick them up and carry them upstairs. Rane takes some glass from the broken windshield.

The man ties Rane up in the cockpit. Rane cuts themself free with the glass. Rane comes up behind the man and slits his throat. Over the radio, Rane is instructed on how to land the plane. With the little life he has left, the man messes with the electrical wiring. This causes the plane to land too fast and high, and it goes into the water.

Rane fights off the man as the plane fills with water. Rane is able to kick the man into the engine, killing him. Rane is saved.

Submitted: March 24, 2022
Last Updated: May 31, 2022

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The Writer: Jon Shaivitz

Jon Shaivitz is an LA-based screenwriter originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Jon's feature script, Chó, a foreign-language thriller about a Vietnamese boy trying to rescue his dog before it's killed and eaten, placed in the Top 20 of the 2019 Roadmap Writers JumpStart Competition, as a finalist in the 2019 ScreenCraft Drama Contest and won "Best Feature" at the 2021 Atlanta Screenplay Awards. It is currently under option. Go to bio

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