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The Lamp Post



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A gas leak, a bunch of flowers tied to a lamp post and two days later he was dead.

A husband killed on the road, then a bunch of flowers and a card tied to a lamp post with all the emotion and sentiment that evokes. But the next day they have been torn down and replaced by another person's flowers and card.

Gary H Pendleton walks this route every day, to and from work. He is moved by the flowers and card tied to the lamp post and then shocked by 'the other woman's' blatant and indecent act in tearing down the wife's flowers and replacing with her own tribute. Gary takes a day off work and waits by the the lamp post to accost the' other woman. But all is not as it seems and further tragedy ensues.

Submitted: January 27, 2020
Last Updated: January 29, 2020

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The Writer: andy watters

I am a writer in as much as anyone who can think and put those thoughts on a page in the form of words, is therefore a writer. So that pretty much accounts for a large chunk of the population. Now this is where it gets difficult. What sets me apart? Ok, so I have a vivid imagination. Big Deal. I have been writing screenplays for over twenty years now. Big Deal. I currently have four screenplays completed and being 'tweaked' right now. Big Deal. I was a quarter finalist in a 2018 screenplay competition for my screenplay STUMPY COMES CLEAN, which you can read below. Big Deal. So far so average. So why do I do it? Simply because I love the process of creating something new and original. It's... Go to bio

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