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The Lawman

A dipsomaniac veteran seeks justice when a gang of planet-hopping criminals leave him for dead, taking the only thing that has mattered to him in decades.



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In the sleepy settler colony of Strongwater that borders the grasslands of Aebos, alcoholic veteran Blake Packard is dragged from self-imposed exile to deal with a gang of violent transients that have killed the local Sheriff. But his days of fighting are over; Blake wants to be alone.

After the Sheriff’s quiet service, Blake finds a gang member trying to jack his ride. Blake is forced to kill him. He high tails it to his farm. The gang leader demands justice. He wants a name. And starts executing people until he gets one. Blake gets wind of this from the local reverend, Bullock. Blake loads up. Rides to town. There, he finds that the gang leader is his old Captain— a cruel monster who left Blake for dead decades ago. Amazed that Blake lived, Peters buys him a drink, then has him stabbed in the back. With Bullock’s help, Blake escapes to the grasslands. But he’s not alone. Peters’ daughter, Hayley, wants off the ship. Hayley tracks Blake into the night. Finds him in the dirt. Using supplies from his ride, she provides wound care. Come sunup, Blake heads to his farmstead with Hayley in tow— knowing full well his farm is probably destroyed. He’s right. Blake reveals he's an alcoholic and that he needs to drink, or he’ll die. Hayley offers her help. Blake refuses. Meanwhile, Peters is after slaves for the elite, and rounds up the youngest and healthiest the gang can find. They load up and leave for Jamestown— an up-and-coming city on the planet. Blake and Hayley ride back to Strongwater. Townsfolk accost Blake for failing to protect them as the new Lawman. He agrees to ride to Jamestown to rescue them, knowing the cost. Despite his warnings, Hayley won’t leave his side. As they camp under the stars, Hayley finds out more about Blake and her father, whilst experiencing life with a father figure that is kind and respectful— however flawed he is. On the final night, Hayley reveals that she doesn’t want the journey to end. And though he doesn’t say it, Blake has someone to care for.
In Jamestown, Blake seeks his old friend and prosperous bar owner, Nate. He is kind to Hayley. Nate takes them upstairs to his apartment. There, he accidentally reveals himself to be the "middle-man" for the slavers. A scuffle ensues. Blake is knocked out. Peters shows up. Hayley is locked away, and Blake is executed at the city dump. Blake’s old injuries from a traumatic fight with Peters mean that a metal plate in his skull prevented his death. But he suffers the nightmare of alcohol withdrawals, buried deep in garbage, alone. With thoughts of Hayley, he pulls through and is reborn, passing out in a control room at the dump. Meanwhile, Hayley confronts Peters about his dirty dealings, and Peters disowns her as a daughter. Blake wakes up in hospital, healed. Sober. Out of options and friends, he deputizes Morgan— the odd woman that saved him. Blake tortures Nate until he tells him where the slaves are going. Then kills him. Morgan finds Peters' ship. Blake boards it. Finds out that Hayley is with the other slaves, then executes Peters. Blake and Morgan fly to the estate of a Count, and the location of the slaves. Blake enters the house whilst Morgan distracts the guards outside. Before a bloodbath ensues, Blake finds Hayley. Seeing his rank and badge, the house Butler is all too happy to help clear up the “misunderstanding”. Blake and Hayley head back to Aebos, with Morgan in tow. Blake gives a share of Nate’s ill-gotten gains to the townsfolk, then uses the rest to rebuild his home. Time passes. Hayley and Morgan stay and work the farm. Life is simple. But the Count isn’t done expressing his disapproval, and vengeance its on its way...

Submitted: May 25, 2021
Last Updated: May 26, 2021

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The Writer: Craig McInnes

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