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The Morning After



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After a one night stand, the reluctant couple’s lives are disrupted by an inarticulate alien. After they get stuck on the alien's ship, it sets off a series of events that brings them into war.

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"While the special effects put this sci-fi romantic comedy in a price range that could make it hard for it to find its way
to the big screen, the concept is fun and imaginative enough to make it an enjoyable read. The bones are all in
place, but a little comedy punch up, characterization work, and structural shifts are in order to get this script into its
best shape."

"There are strong action sequences as Jill and Gary do battle with Monstrosity. These scenes are filled with danger for our heroes, and it seems they could fail. It was terrific when Jill rallied everyone to help as they fought back, which caused the Changelings and Unchangelings in Allen’s world to work together. The end, with Allen as King on the throne, is a nice touch."

"While a little derivative in places, this script moves forward at a good pace and keeps escalating the action as it goes along. It continues to raise and heighten the stakes throughout. Crafted well, this brings the settings to life with short, but crisp detail.

Overall, this story pushes and inspires the characters to go places that they haven’t been before. "

"As a whole, I think you have a pretty good script. The concept, though maybe not completely original territory, is executed really well. You do a good job of engaging the reader and describing this new world in detail. The characters seem to be well developed and their dialogue, for the most part, is a good mix of funny and serious, and helps the story flow along at a consistent pace. I would warn you of being careful of spelling and grammar errors, and also not allowing Jill and Gary’s relationship to become too cliche. I also thought that Jill’s reaction to Allen in the beginning was maybe a little too accepting. If I found an alien in my house, it would realistically take me awhile to warm up to the idea, rather than me immediately offering it my clothes. However, overall, I think you have an engaging story with intriguing characters that make for an enjoyable read."

"There are a lot of good things here with the script. The use of song in the beginning to expand plot helps make it unique and fresh. The main characters are a little bit archetypal to this genre but they feel pretty well developed. The writer does a good job of establishing character through action. One of the things that will really help with the flow of the story is to bring the catalyst of the central plotline in sooner. At this point by page 14 the audience still doesn’t really know what’s going to drive the plot of this narrative. And things don’t really get going until page 18, which feels more like a set up to act two. It’s great to meet Jill and Gary at the beginning, in their respective jobs, but it would be nice to get a hint more of how these character's worlds will possibly overlap. We see the rocket take off on Jill’s storyline, maybe it will work to tie that into Gary’s at the beginning."

Submitted: February 13, 2018
Last Updated: December 6, 2018

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The Writer: PJ Edwards

Hello. I'm an actor. I'm a writer. Well, now, I'm both. But how did I get here? I've written movie reviews and thesis papers and with my experience acting, I've decided to turn to screenplays. I hope to write scripts that say something about the the world we are living right now. I feel that not enough voices like me are out there. I hope that even if I am not the conduit for change, someone reading my script is. Go to bio

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