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Native American shape shifters battle a vampiric Evil from the Old World, in the backdrop to the War of 1812.

Title: THE OTHER WAR Genre: historical fiction/fantasy, romance/drama

Logline: Native shapeshifters battle an ancient vampiric evil in the war of 1812.

Comp: War DocuDrama meets Twilight

Setting: When the United States invaded Canada, many Indigenous tribes chose to ally with Britain (Canada) against ‘the Long Knives’ (the Americans).

Hero: Miisigen is a runaway from the Shawnee. He is nephew to Tecumseh and the One Eyed Prophet. Miisigen knows about the vampire, but he keeps it all secret from his new Odawa and Wendat friends, because he’s worried that it’s his fault the Evil was awakened. He has a psychic link to it, which he tries hard to deny.

Villain: European ‘Black Robe’ vampire first came to a Wendat village in Upper Canada (now Ontario) in the 1600’s. He destroyed an entire village, but one boy escaped and was taught by ‘the Little People’ how to shapeshift. Black Robe was vanquished, and has remained dormant until awakened in 1806 by young Miisigen. This vampire is not ‘intelligent’ or ‘human’ like other vampires we are familiar with. He does not speak. He is a skeleton, and seldom awakens to ‘eat’. He uses ESP to control one man, who in turn creates a legion of hypnotized slaves we call ‘zombies’. This vampire’s goal is to create an army of slaves to spread his particular brand of mindless blood-lusting evil.

Theme: the familiar lexicon of vampires vs. werewolves provides a window through which the viewer delves deeply into Indigenous spirituality and perspectives.

Teaser We learn the sad heritage of the Wendat nation, the Black Robe vampire, and the Wendat boy who learned to shapeshift. We resolve into ‘today’ 1810, in a sweat lodge where the Wendat Elder Weniishiwe teaches this heritage and duty.

Act One:. Miisigen, half-starved in a lone canoe, arrives on the shores of the small Odawa tribe in ‘Upper Canada’. A powerful omen accompanies his arrival, so he’s allowed to stay. He falls for the beautiful N’Gwaankwad Kwe (Cloud Woman), but her Father always thwarts them.
Our B-story is south of the border, where the historically accurate Indiana Territory governor Harrison plots against the Shawnee warrior Tehkumseh. The panther-like Tehkumseh is trying to build an Indian Confederacy, but his ever-popular brother, the One Eyed Prophet is brewing up a strange death cult.
Act Two Part I Weniishiwe’s sister, the Medicine Woman Wehyantero:ke has a vision and insists Miisigen be trained in the secret ceremony. He shifts into a powerful wolf, first try. British envoys bring them guns and try to convince them to ally with them against the Americans if it comes to war. Weniishiwe shows Miisigen the tribe’s most powerful possession: the wampum belt of the 1764 ‘Silver Chain Covenant’ which ties most tribes’ hands to the British Crown. It belongs to N’Gwaandwad Kwe’s Father, the grandson of the famous Odawa organizer, Pontiac.
Meanwhile, south of the border, Tehkumseh shows how he is uniting the native Nations, just like Pontiac did 100 years ago.
Act Two Part II N’Gwaankwad Kwe receives a particularly awful beating from her ever-drunk Father. When she runs away, Miisigen follows her. He turns into a wolf without the ceremony, and everyone is now frightened of him. Miisigen must now be under constant surveillance.
South of the border, the One Eyed Prophet gets the forlorn refugees in his village to cut themselves so his zombie minions can gorge on blood. Tehkumseh rides in and breaks it up, but the One Eyed Prophet channels the Vampire, and Tehkumseh must retreat. A Delaware elder hints that Tehkumseh can get help fighting this Evil from a tribe up north.
Miisigen has a strong dream of Thunderbirds fighting Miishupishu (bad water dragons), and a little girl in the tribe, Waboose, is in danger. When Waboose falls ill, the tribe sees Miisigen’s tobacco pouch around her neck, and accuse him of evil magic. Miisigen runs away but N’Gwaankwad Kwe follows him and they finally consummate their love.
Act Three Miisigen is vindicated: when the tobacco pouch was put back on little Waboose, she got better immediately. Miisigen accompanies the other men to the British Fort nearby (to see if other Ojibway and Odawa are going to the big November meeting at Amherstburg down south). While they are away, N’Gwaankwad Kwe’s father meets up with some friendly Fur Traders. When he sells them the Silver Chain Wampum Belt, N’Gwaankwad Kwe insists that she will also go with the Fur Traders, to keep her Great Grandfather Pontiac’s sacred Belt safe.
Miisigen fights with Weniishiwe: they must go to get N’Gwaankwad Kwe back! Weniishiwe confronts Miisigen: he didn’t come here to fall in love. He came here to learn how to fight the Evil, which he awakened.

Season One Outline: When Miisigen gets to Amherstburg, he fights with his uncle, Tehkumseh (‘where did you get that Belt!?’). Tehkumseh promises they will get it back to the princess, N’Gwaankwad Kwe, held in Michigan territory, over the winter. Harrison destroys Prophet’s Town. Everyone thinks the Evil must be now in Harrison’s hands, and they plot on trying to ‘kill’ it down there in Indiana, but really it is found by the weakling American, Hull. Hull experiences momentary success in invading Canada, but ends up losing Detroit, and the Evil is secretly passed to the Canadian, the Native’s greatest ally, the fur-trader made rich, Matthew Elliott.

Submitted: November 18, 2018
Last Updated: November 18, 2018

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The Writer: Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Sarah has a deeply spiritual relationship with nature. Forays into Hinduism, Taoist Buddhism, New Age, Christianity, Islam, Rastafarianism, and Wicca have all complemented her lifelong friendship with Indigenous culture, particularly Anishinabek Nation - Ojibwe and Odawa cultures. Nuances of tone help promote feminism, spiritual growth, and ecological wisdom in all her work. That said, Sarah is also a business woman, and writes with commercial viability in mind. Sarah loves to explore and stretch her capabilities, hence she has written feature length, streamed TV episodic, shorts, and stage plays in genres such as sci-fi, political action, psychological drama, historical fiction, and... Go to bio

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