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The Passion of Dreams

In a posh 18th Century society where image and reputation is everything, a spirited young woman meets a daring female landscape architect who will make her risk everything to be together.



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Society in 18th Century England is a world where everything one does must be of top fashion. A single bad rumor could break your family’s reputation forever. ANNE and HENRY CARTWRIGHT discover that they are at the center of a new rumor about their only son and heir GEORGE CARTWRIGHT who was supposedly disowned for falling in love and marrying a prostitute and bearing a child from the union. Anne believes the only way to dismiss the rumors is to adopt a child who will become heir to the Cartwright fortune. George and his wife, an exotic former prostitute KAI’JA are invited back to the home to discuss giving up their child SIRIA as the new heiress to protect the Cartwrights from scandal. Despite George and Kai’Ja’s anguish to give up their only child, they do so in hopes of her having a better life than the one they could ever afford her. Anne renames her GARDENIA SIRIA CARTWRIGHT.

Eighteen years later, upstairs in a lively brothel, CONSTANCE JUDITH THATCHER, a commoner landscape architect awakes to another day in bed with a few female prostitutes. Despite the numerous empty wine bottles and the pallet of gorgeous women lying next to her, Constance appears unhappy. After a wedding celebration between her brother, ISSAC THATCHER, and his new wife, a former prostitute, ADELINE, it is clear that Constance will never have that kind of open love because of her desire for women.

Constance and Issac are given a spectacular opportunity from their employer client, a young, wealthy businessman, THOMAS FAULKNER, that they cannot refuse. Thomas inquires that they build the very best courtyard for the Cartwright family as a gift in hopes to take the heiress’ hand in marriage. At a luncheon, Thomas introduces Constance and Issac to the Cartwrights. Constance meets Gardenia for the first time and instantly falls in love with her, and surprisingly, Gardenia is intrigued by Constance, who is unlike any of the delicate women of their society. Issac warns Constance to stay away from her before her “sin” costs them everything he has worked for.

The more time Gardenia spends with Constance, the more intrigued she is by her and intrigue turns to attraction, and the two sneak away whenever they can to be with each other despite the pressure of marriage bestowed on Gardenia from her parents to help prevent gossip from London’s society. When Thomas’ plan to use the landscape gift to take Gardenia’s hand is discovered, the Cartwrights shun him as a potential husband for Gardenia. Thomas takes matters into his own hands and goes behind the family’s back to destroy the other suitors in line for Gardenia’s hand.

Constance and Gardenia attempt to have one final moment together at Gardenia’s engagement announcement party when Thomas catches them. Constance runs but is later caught and arrested to be hanged for her indecent behavior. Gardenia strikes a bargain with Thomas; she agrees to marry him if he would spare Constance’s life. Thomas agrees but warns that Gardenia will pay for nearly costing him the Cartwright fortune. Issac breaks Constance out of jail and puts her on a ship to escape London.

A couple of years later, Constance returns to London undercover and learns of Gardenia’s abuse in her marriage. Gardenia is forced to breed child after child until Thomas is satisfied with the number of heirs she produces. After having four sons, Gardenia finally has a girl who is the spitting image of Constance. Thomas sets her free from her duties as he has learned he is dying. When Thomas dies, Gardenia invites Constance to her home where they meet again for the first time in over a decade and their love still as strong.

Life is perfect until Gardenia discovers that she is ill and dying from whatever her late husband died from. Constance remains by her side until she finally passes on and takes their daughter, JUDITH, into her care. Years later, Constance gives Judith away at her wedding and spends the rest of her days spending time with her hallucination of a younger Gardenia, finally getting the love and family she always wanted.

Submitted: June 3, 2019
Last Updated: June 3, 2019

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The Writer: Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee's passion for writing stories of love and tragedy began after watching director James Cameron's Titanic. The themes of the film captivated and inspired her to further her study into the human condition which led her to write in several mediums such as flash fictions, short stories, and now screenplays. Nikki Lee was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Throughout college, she focused on science and strived to become a Physical Oceanographer, but films and storytelling always remained at the forefront of her hobbies. Her passion for stories eventually took control and she changed directions. In 2013, she began her journey as a creative writer at Full Sail University. She... Go to bio

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