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The Perg

To find her family's killer, an avowed atheist with newly awakened psychic powers must team up with a renegade demon on an obsessive quest for redemption and battle the forces of Hell in Los Angeles.



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*Scored two ratings of 8 on The Black List. Comments include:

"The writing here is confident and bold, creating a supernatural-inhabited Downtown Los Angeles, complete with fallen angels, demons, and nonbelievers. The action descriptions do so much with so few words; succinct, but action-packed, moving its characters and plot along with ease. It is no small feat to create an entire universe without ever losing the reader in the details. This writer knows how to unfurl the specificities and minutia of this world and its inhabitants without ever overwhelming. It is an inspired choice to choose both a female nonbeliever and fallen angels as the ones we follow on our journey. Sophia allows a female character to take charge of the narrative and drive so much of its action. Meanwhile, the fallen angels are equipped with the right balance of flaw, hubris, and power to keep things interesting, and to avoid any sentimentality inherent in the typical angelic figures we're accustomed to."

"This pilot is excellent because it simultaneously does two things - it establishes the two lead characters, Orias and Sophia, as complex beings that are actively working towards a common goal, and it builds this marvelous world of angels and demons that's insane. There's propulsion that the story has that gives it life as well. There's a clear cut obstacle that Sophia, Orias, and Lopez have to overcome and using that as the spine to introduce Sophia to Orias and Lopez's world is something that helps the pilot move. The dynamic that develops between Sophia, Orias, and Lopez is a lot of fun and offers a great segue into series with the mystery behind the death of Sophia's family. Watching Sophia and Orias bond when Lopez is out of the picture is something that was exciting and fun. The literal Lion's Den was an excellent example of this show being playfully on the nose and did work in the context with other settings. The best set piece, however, was the house in the hills where Lopez has a rendezvous with Cain. It's perfect for showing the range of the show because it's one part playful and one part engaging and scary."

"As a procedural with supernatural elements and a female protagonist, this should have solid prospects to garner interest from broadcast buyers. The writing is strong, as are the hook and story engine. It speaks to their audience both with its format and also its talks of faith and redemption."

*2020 WINNER, WildSound Scifi-FAntasy TV Competition

*2020 Finalist, Filmmatic Inroads Fellowship

*2020 Semi-Finalist, ScreenCraft Fellowship

*2019 Distinguished Mentions List, Rocaberti Writers.

*2019 Semi-finalist, WeScreenplay Pilot competition.

*2019 Quarter-Finalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Launch Contest.

*2019 Top 10, 1hr TV (fantasy), The Red List

Submitted: July 3, 2019
Last Updated: September 26, 2020

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The Writer: Luke Jones Penn

Luke Jones Penn is a seasoned storyteller who discovered his knack for screenwriting while studying film at Full Sail University. Later, Luke went on to major in English at Arizona State as well as spend three years under the mentorship of BAFTA-nominated screenwriter, story guru, and script doctor Bart Gavigan. Since then, Luke has participated in the development of several major film and television projects alongside some of the industry's most talented producers, writers, and directors. When he's not terrorizing the protagonists in his stories or writing about his favorite IPs, Luke enjoys hiking, travel, bingeing 90s TV shows with his cats, and catching up with family and friends. Go to bio

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