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A man comes in contact with a transdimensional species whose existence is tangled with ours. Chaos shortly follows as his life comes spiraling apart and he questions what is real in an augmented reality world.

This script is a Work In Progress, I will be updating it periodically. \\Last Updated 6.27.2018
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The year is 2035, in a timeline where the United States was bought out by China, and has become testing grounds for regulations. The world for the most part looks the same, casual clothing, laptops, tablets, basic cars and houses. The national currency has been switched to cryptocurrencies, the Federal Reserve has been demolished and in its place Brick.ICO, a stock market style exchange, has been formed. The public education sector has collapsed and with it has emerged a new type of Public Knowledge firm which utilizes a single Holographic teacher that conducts lessons from her Holodeck/VR Room with a pop culture and video game based curricular. The largest technological advancements are AR glasses and contacts, augmented mechanical/prosthetic limbs, consciousness backup units, hive traffic system, 3d printing organs, advanced VR, gravity field generators and nervous system stimulants for soldiers.

The story follows Michael, an employee at Brick.ICO, along with his daughter, a high school student. A secret group which held a large part of the market withdraws all their money at once nearly crashing the system and throws the country in panic. It is unsure who is behind it, but the board is suspicious of Michael due to the speculation from a dominant AI named Sarah (The standard issued AI for every system in the USA). Records on servers across the country are becoming corrupt and altered at a rate beyond the ability to fact check. Meanwhile an entity moving in a realm beyond human comprehension is working its way to establish first contact.

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The Writer: Jaymes Baker

I'm a 30 year old IT Guru with a love for Sci-Fi.I'm a big fan of cult classics and other unique, artful movies. My all-time favorite directors are John Carpenter, Ridely Scott, James Cameron, David Lynch, David Twohy, Neill Blomkamp, Guy Ritchie, Robert Rodriguez and Danny Boyle. I am currently working on a sci-fi series that I would like to see on Netflix/Hulu/AmazonPrime. It started off with me wanting to write a book and somebody casually mentioning that I should just save time and skip to the screenplay, so my writing style is a bit unique, more of a storytelling angle.

Experience: I was in a few on stage productions in my early teens, and member of a breakdancing crew in... Go to bio