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The Piper

When the monstrous Pied Piper starts stealing children, a desperate detective must team up with a power-hungry alchemist in a city poised on the brink of self-destruction.



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The Pied Piper fable

It’s December 1918, and London is still figuring out the war is over. Hamlin (the Piper) returns to the war-ravaged city unnoticed. We meet our detective, Wyatt, as he’s bent over the body of our first victims, the Bakers. A loving husband and wife brutally murdered and whose children are missing. Wyatt finds evidence of alchemy at the home, and the police department is quick to blame an alchemist for the murders. Wyatt learns that children are going missing in the slums where he grew up, but when he tries to report it, his Superintendent dismisses his concerns and orders him to focus on the Baker murder. Wyatt has a run-in with an alchemist using his power to extort shop owners, but he’s saved by Moria Fallcraft, the Commander of Red Division, London’s secret alchemist force. Wyatt approaches Moria at Westminster for help, but his prejudice towards alchemists, who were criminals until recently, and her’s towards his family, famed alchemist hunters, results in an argument and no progress.

Sewer workers find several of the missing children in an old aqueduct and Wyatt is nearly killed trying to rescue them when an unknown figure sends a wall of water to drown them. Worse, the water’s filled with rats, which we learn haven’t been seen in the city in 30 years. Moria rescues Wyatt and children and after finding an alchemist’s circle in the aqueduct. Moria agrees to work with him, as long as Wyatt will sign a contract with her, which he does against the advice of his partner, Ryan. As they investigate, Wyatt’s strained relationship with his fellow police officers comes to a head when their Superintendent is murdered by Hamlin, and Wyatt, the only witness, is blamed. Meanwhile, Moria figures out what Hamlin is doing to the children, he’s turning them into rats.

Wyatt recognizes the mark left on the rats, as he has a similar one on his back, and Moria admits that she gave it to him during the war. Though Wyatt doesn’t remember, he died saving her life, and Moria committed the highest crime of alchemy to save his in return. Wyatt sees a record of Hamlin’s contract and sees the names of those who betrayed him, including the Nun who raised him. He goes to the orphanage where she explains why they betrayed Hamlin. Moria follows Wyatt to the orphanage, where Hamlin shows up to kill the Nun. Moria and Hamlin fight, but Hamlin’s broken contract keeps him alive. The Nun shoves Wyatt and Moria out of the orphanage before being killed and the rats chase Wyatt and Moria back to the Clock Tower. Moria realizes that the only way to stop Hamlin is to open the Abyss and throw him in but doing so could kill her. While Wyatt and his allies hold off Hamlin and the rats, Moria opens the Abyss. Wyatt manages to throw Hamlin in, however, many of the children turned into rats are also sucked in. In the final scene, Wyatt and Moria, return to the aqueduct and agree to work together to search for the remaining children.

Submitted: July 29, 2020
Last Updated: February 3, 2021

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The Writer: Rachel Fischer

Rachel spent her childhood getting into trouble on a working cattle ranch and joined the Army Reserve after high school. She has served on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, first as a civil affairs specialist, then a medic and finally as a combat pilot, flying Chinook helicopters. She, and her pilot Tucker, were just accepted into the WGA’S Veteran’s in Writing Fellowship in 2020. Rachel writes emotionally charged character-based action, adventure, sci-fi and mystery/thriller. Her pilot NOVA has been a semi-finalist and finalist in multiple contests (Filmmatic, LAISA, Diverse Voices, etc), and her goal is to develop and staff in television, as well as film. Go to bio

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