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The Prosecutor, The Prostitute, and the Priest

A priest is accused of murdering a prostitute and a district attorney must see that justice is served.



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Faced with judicial conviction, Father Anthony deflects community wrath and receives the devotion of the dead girl's mother, swearing, “I had sex with that girl, but I only choked her a little, not enough to killer her.” Inspector Mercy Burns vows to wear Father Anthony down, District Attorney Marcus Mangino announcing he'll try the case personally.

Life is perilous for the priest. A protest finds his congregation divided. At a martial arts gym he gets mauled by a female fighter named Thrash. During the Festival of Sister Carmen he is shot at by a rooftop sniper. And after a morning talk show appearance he is kidnapped by a quartet of fraternity brothers who enlist a sorority sister to give him a lap dance, saved when Mangino, Burns, and Ruby May Ballard, the deceased 's mother, burst in, guns out.

As the trial begins, in saunters famed defense attorney, Danny Luck, a flamboyant esquire celebrated for his outlandish attires and jarring legal arguments. Against attorney Luck, Mangino is no match, and Father Anthony walks, only for the truth to be revealed of how three murders ensue and no one is brought to justice, Father Anthony being the only major player not man-slaughtering anyone.

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"His writing is like Jack Kerouac and Douglas Adams." - A Novel Way

"There's a thin line between sexiness and absurdity and he's determined to find it." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"As good as anything on Broadway." - Jeff Harm, director - Moon Over Mangroves

"One of the great literary finds of the decade." - doris Chu, editor

Submitted: October 6, 2021
Last Updated: October 6, 2021

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tenderbastard is a philosopher, playwright, screenwriter, songwriter, activist, and author. he and his dog are public intellectuals. - books and other works can be viewed at - Go to bio

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