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The Red Flu

‪A computer hacker exposes a pharmaceutical company’s research, revealing how it accidentally created a new deadly, airborne disease, which mutated from vampire blood.‬



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"The Red Flu" is written along the lines of films like "Blade" and "From Dusk Till Dawn." This is the story about shy and introverted computer programmer named BENNY, who gathered the courage to go to a nightclub one night and finally meet a girl, LUX, who he had admired from afar. This is the night when Benny discovered the existence of vampires.

The nightclub was attacked by goons of the pharmaceutical company, Nanhemo Technology, who are after Lux and the computer data she's reportedly stolen from their mainframe; the data which happened to be encrypted. Lux revealed that she initiated the plan to steal the data, only because she wanted to shed light about her father's death; the death she suspects Nanhemo Tech caused.

Lux, and her friends team up with Benny after she learned he could decipher the files. After the data had been decrypted, they discovered the virus, known as the Red Flu, was research gone horribly wrong; the virus turned people into blood-sucking monsters and was accidentally released to the public.

Lux is later kidnapped and the true plans of Naohemo is revealed; she will be used as a guinea pig to continue their ungodly research. Now, with time running out, Benny and Lux's friends head out to rescue her.

Submitted: May 18, 2018
Last Updated: June 9, 2021

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The Writer: Ed Hernandez

My name is Ed Hernandez and I am a graphic designer, and president Scriptron, LLC, based in Bridgeport, CT. I was born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. I've done magazines and e-magazines covers, illustrated coloring books, character design, catalogs, posters, audio CD jackets, indoor and outdoor signs, ads, package design, flyers, and much more. I also compose and sell music for commercial or TV/Iinternet/Radio use. Recently, I went back to writing screenplays, my first love. I'm in the process of writing two feature-length screenplays and several short scripts. Go to bio
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