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After a one night stand leaves a stranger pregnant with his child, Buddy is tasked with raising $850 to pay for an abortion.

After a one night stand leaves an undesirable woman pregnant with a child that neither of them want to bring to term, Buddy is tasked with raising $850 to pay for an abortion. With no expendable income or means to pay the bill, and the legal deadline for the abortion approaching, the self-imposed loner Buddy reaches out desperately to people from his past to help solve his dilemma through their financial contributions. Buddy quickly realizes that he has no financial support in his world, and then slowly begins to realize he has no emotional support either. With the stresses of life mounting and his problems growing bigger every day, Buddy goes on an unplanned journey of self-discovery and isn't happy about what he comes to find.

Submitted: June 27, 2017
Last Updated: December 1, 2018

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The Writer: Gary Blake

I am a dedicated filmmaker with the single minded goal of directing motion pictures at the highest level. I've been a professional editor for ten years and have developed a firm grasp on the filmmaking process and how to construct compelling and egaging video content. I have spent my personal time self-producing short films and music videos projects to demonstrate my talent for storytelling and satisfy my desire to entertain people all over the world. Go to bio

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