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The Secret Bloodline

A museum tour guide and a corporate CEO who deals in religious artifacts share a Marian apparition, prompting them on a dangerous journey to uncover its secrets before the truth is stifled forever.



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MADELEINE BISTRICA is a young woman wasting her anthropology degree as a tour guide at a stained glass museum in Chicago. That is, until she’s notified that the museum is closing. She does one last job for her boss delivering a piece to a church in Wisconsin, where she accidentally crosses paths with DAMIAN SANGRAAL, a purveyor of religious artifacts for his company, the Rabboni Corporation. He has traveled there with his old friend and retired company board member, SAMUEL CROM, to authenticate relics thought to be blessed by the Virgin Mary. They come into contact with each other and experience a shared vision, known as a Marian apparition.

Motivated by the assumed Virgin Mary’s orders, Madeleine and Sangraal make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Little do they know, but they’re being followed by HECTOR ABANDONATO. At the Church of St. James, they are met by three VISIONARIES. In a shared vision, Madeleine is given a piece of parchment with nine secrets that they must solve to uncover the tenth and ultimately share the information with the world. However, Madeleine is jolted back to reality when Hector shoots her in the stomach. Sangraal calls Crom to ask for his help researching the Knights of St. Mary, the radical religious sect which Hector is revealed to be a part of.

Madeleine falls into a coma, but Sangraal’s prayers in the hospital wake her – as well as coma patients around the world, thus revealing the first secret. The search for information on the next secret takes them to Belgium and St. Begga’s Church to research a Celtic king’s heritage. Hector meets with his mysterious MASTER and is sent to follow the pair once again. In the saint’s journals, Madeleine discovers that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had two bloodlines rather than the one that common myths suggest. Through more riddling, they realize that King Arthur is descended from Mary Magdalene’s secret line.

The next part of their journey to uncover the secrets sends them away from false French kings down the trail of the Arthurian bloodline to Scotland. Hector leaves a bloody trail in his wake as he follows after them, searching for the parchment of secrets. He threatens Madeleine and Sangraal into arranging a meeting. According to his religious pact, he cannot kill them, but he’s willing to use violence. They fight, and Madeleine saves Sangraal from death at Hector’s hand by shooting him in the spine, though it isn’t a fatal blow.

The secrets then take them to examine the three assumptions written about in the Bible for Mary, Enoch, and Elijah. Since they never technically died, they can still appear on Earth in human form, which means that the Marian apparitions aren’t visions of the Virgin Mary, but of someone else. They are called next to the Isle of Iona off Scotland’s coast to meet with the unknown Order of the Magdala. Once there, they meet in the Benedictine Abbey with a woman named ALENA KRIST who tells them that they’re part of the Magdalene bloodline, which is why they’re visionaries. She plans to prove this by showing them King Arthur’s grave, located on the island. That night, they’re joined by a surprise guest – Crom – who was “solving the mystery” and found them by chance.

Before going into the cave of King Arthur’s burial, Alena guides Madeleine and Sangraal to see markers while Crom waits below. The tenth and final secret is revealed when they see the grave markers of Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot, and on the opposite sides, correspondingly – Enoch, Mary, and Elijah. That is to say that they are the same people. The woman from the apparitions is, in fact, Mary Magdalene. After they understand this, Alena explains the story of how the island became a refuge for members of the secret bloodline, protecting them from the Catholic Church, which felt threatened by Mary Magdalene and sent the Knights of St. Mary to eradicate the line.

When they descend into the cave, they find Crom confronting Hector, who has followed them again on crutches. Crom kills Hector, revealing that he’s the leader of the Knights and plans to seal Madeleine and Sangraal into the cave forever to hide the secret. Before he does, Mary, Enoch, and Elijah appear before them – the human trinity of earth. Crom is awed and gives his sight, hearing, and speech in exchange for forgiveness. Madeleine and Sangraal decide to use their information for good – Madeleine takes over for him as CEO of Rabboni, and they remain deeply bonded friends.

All Accolades & Coverage: 

*2020 Culver City Film Festival - WINNER Best Mystery Feature
*2020 PixelsGARAGE Awards of Excellence - FINALIST
*2021 Flixze Film Festival - FINALIST
*2021 Madras Independent Film Festival - AWARD WINNER - Honorable Mention/Finalist
*2021 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival - Official Selection
*2021 Beyond the Curve International Film Festival - FINALIST
*2021 London International Screenwriting Competition - FINALIST
*2021 Page Turner Screenplay Competition - Quarter-Finalist
*2021 Sunnyvale Screenplay Contest - FINALIST
*2022 Golden Cali Film and Art Awards - Official Selection

Submitted: December 3, 2020
Last Updated: October 2, 2021

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The Writer: Devin Dugan

Devin Dugan is the founder and Artistic Director of ImprovCity , a multi-award winning improv troupe located in Orange County, CA. With over twenty-five years of improv experience, Devin has performed, taught and trained with numerous troupes across the country, including The National Comedy Theatre , The Second City Hollywood , ComedySportz , ComedyCity and Idiot Central just to name a few. When not doing improv, Devin is busy writing. He has written books and screenplays. He has also written for Nostalgia Digest magazine and was the creative mastermind behind the successful novelty book Improvisers Drawing Stick Figures . Besides writing, directing and appearing in television, films and... Go to bio

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