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The Secret of Wendigo



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A group of friends at a remote lakeside cabin find themselves in a deadly nightmare when the trail cameras on the property reveal ghostly, demonic images surrounding them.

MARK WALLACE (30s) and CARSON HAYES (30s) are away for a “guys’ week” at Wendigo, a remote summer cabin on a beautiful lake. They are quickly joined by Mark’s brother DAN WALLACE (20) and, to Mark’s dismay, Dan’s girlfriend SHAY LANDERS (20) along with her friend LAURIE PETERS (19). Stepping out of the car, they notice trail cameras tied to various trees. Able to download the photos via USB and Bluetooth to their phones, they view a greenish-white image of the trees, and the thin blur of a man—his glowing eyes looking at the camera as it flashed. It is AL TRAVIS (70), the caretaker who later welcomes them, but with a warning not to be out in the woods after dark.
Late that night, Mark is awakened by the flashing of trail cameras. The photos he retrieves reveal startling images of human figures from another era—white, phosphorescent, weed-covered bodies rising from the lake. The next morning, all four walk in search of more cameras. Between unexplained bloodcurdling screams from across the lake to an image of a huge demon creature—furry, bulky, with a ghostly white glow—the nightmare is about to begin.
Mark and Laurie make their way to Al Travis’ cabin to get some answers, but find instead GRADY TRAVIS (18), his grandson, bloodied and bruised, crying that “they” came for them and killed his grandfather. Intending to get Grady to a hospital, they return to their cabin to find the cars have been rolled into the lake. Dialing 911 proves futile, as does the idea of hiking back to civilization.
Across the lake a large bonfire captures their attention. Drums start to echo. Bells, rattles, chanting, singing—an Algonquian War dance. Mark and Grady take a rowboat across the lake toward the fire, but upon arrival the fire and drums vanish. War cries are heard in the woods, and Shay is lured in by a spirit disguised as Laurie. The others try to find her but cannot amid the confusion of shouts and camera flashes. Eventually all are lured to the woods and vanish—except for Mark who is hell-bent on uncovering this mystery. Through infrared photography, Mark discovers to his horror, that the others have all been the demon in disguise.
At last, Grady appears at the cabin porch to reveal himself to Mark as an Algonquian demon, who, upon eating his victims, can assume their identities. At lightning speed Grady rushes forward. Mark fires his rifle as Grady crashes into him, knocking him over -- the chair splitting apart -- Mark screams –
Epilogue: It’s a beautiful sunny day as Al Travis emerges from the cabin to greet the Clarks; a new family of renters.

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The Writer: Jerry Robbins



Screenplays: JIMMY AND THE STAR ANGEL - script coverage: Recommend, winner Best Screenplay HIMPFF, THEY BECKON - studio coverage: Recommend, ALWAYS CHRISTMAS (shopping option), TULIPS, THE SECRET OF WENDIGO - script coverage: Recommend - in development as "Legend of Lake Hollow,"  SANTA AND THE PAUPER (shopping option), ENCOUNTER AT HOPKINSVILLE. 

 TV: 1hr period drama pilots: POWDER RIVER  -  western, adapted from my 13 season, 178 episode audio series, ROYALL HOUSE - 18th century Salem MA, ALL FOR ONE! - 1/2 hr sit-com pilot based on my 36 episode audio series present day.

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