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The Shadow Sisters

Lucy, Emily, and Ella, are three dark witches and sisters who have dark powers that can posses humans' souls with their touch must defeat man of darkness who kill innocent people.



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a novel

Lucy, Emily, and Ella, are Muslim sisters who have dark powers. Abandoned by their real parents when they were babies, they were adopted by a loving family. But love only goes so far. It turns out that they’re witches with the ability to steal souls from anyone they wish with a single touch.

When they were three, their adoptive mother found out about their powers. As they grew older, they wore gloves to protect others from their dark gift—or is it a curse? Only their mother can touch them without being harmed.

Things change when people begin to die under mysterious circumstances, and only their mother knows that the killer is a man of darkness, a man who comes from darkness. It is then that they discover his goal. He’s out to steal their souls and rule the world.


I will update my content every one or two days and continue with the episodes!

Submitted: November 26, 2019
Last Updated: November 28, 2019

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The Writer: Safa Shaqsy

Safa Shaqsy is an author of the bestselling book, Alien Busters series. She graduated from a business college but participated in many writing activities including writing her own stories and poems as she expressed herself through words. Her love for novels started when she got a novel as a gift, that's when she discovered the magic of the fiction world. Go to bio
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