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The Strange Wrath of Stuart Wilcox

The chronicle of a cuckolded wage-slave and his Sisyphean struggle with his tyrannical boss, his impressionable daughter, his wife and her lover, a police manhunt for a killer, the local baseball team's mascot, and himself.



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If hell on earth exists, it’s in Burlington USA, and thirty-something Stuart Wilcox is in charge of the boilers. Stuart’s semi-estranged wife Debbie is having her conservative Christian lover Roger over for nightly sleepovers, his lovely but highly impressionable daughter Ashlee-Parker is being corrupted by teachers in school, and his boss Todd Sr. is as much a bigoted bully as he is a tyrant bent on covering up the shoddy work of his own idiot son. A stubborn man who doesn’t know when to jump off the nearest bridge, Stuart’s studying Spanish because he has the hots for his boss’s beautiful new secretary Yolanda. But it’s hard to conjugate verbs when your wife is in the next room receiving a conjugal visit from a rugged specimen of manhood ten years your junior who’s also a professional baseball player.

Firmly resigned to his miserable existence, when a lunatic with an SMG shoots up a local park and he’s sent home early from work, Stuart is persuaded to take a trip to the local mall to buy Tabby Brand Condoms for Debbie and Roger’s afternoon delight. But when the mall turns out to be the mass shooter’s next target, Stuart’s personal hell plummets to even more deplorable depths. Deciding he’s too miserable to even murder, the killer passes the buck by tossing him a pistol, imploring Stuart to do the job himself.

Unfortunately, before Stuart can even contemplate suicide, Debbie’s on the phone nagging him to pick up Ashlee-Parker from school, which is on lock-down because of the shootings. Already suffering from delusions after skipping his medication that morning, when Stuart’s lemonade-sipping elderly neighbor telepathically orders him to kill his wife and child upon his return home, he realizes he’s becoming unhinged. Deciding to enact his wrath on his boss instead of his family, Stuart high-tails it back to the office, chip on his shoulder and shoplifted chain-saw roaring in his twitchy hands.

Naturally, Todd Sr. talks Stuart out of killing him, but not without secretly fingering Stuart to the authorities for the park and mall shootings — does his boss have something to hide? Now wanted by the media, police, FBI, and the public at large for the murder of dozens (and worse, wrongfully accused of being a racist), Stuart is a man truly alone against the world. Who but his wife’s lover Roger, possibly repentant for all the commandments he has broken in his home-wrecking treatment of Stuart, to extend an olive branch and help clear his name? But on his way to a pivotal baseball game, Roger is on his own quest for redemption — and his and Stuart’s will play out concurrently, in the stands and on the field at Tabby Brand Prophylactics Stadium.

Submitted: February 19, 2022
Last Updated: January 8, 2023

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The Writer: Chris Polvi

I'm a lifelong filmgoer, filmmaker and screenwriter in Vancouver, BC. At the moment I'm working on my sixth feature-length script. Hopefully no one will be murdered in this one, but I can't seem to help myself. Go to bio

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