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The Tomorrow Club

Harry is a charismatic club owner and his exploits at his infamous Tomorrow Club are threatened by an immigration crackdown, the search for a coveted whistleblower, and the arrival of his estranged daughter.



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THE TOMMOROW CLUB is a drama-thriller-comedy and super timely in this current political climate. The immigration crackdown theme unleashes one of today’s biggest political divides and questions, are working illegal immigrants Americans or not, and is the first step busting them and breaking up businesses and families? The ICE Team executing this order certainly defends the sovereignty of America over local business, family, and friendships. However, this theme turns when the main priority of the ICE raid is revealed to be the search for a specific whistleblower.

HARRY is a notorious bachelor and gambler, connected with the Mob and the Police, his drinking buddy and best customer in his backroom casino is a local detective, LOUIE. Harry bought an old mansion on Cleveland, Ohio’s millionaire row thirty years ago, remodeled, and has run a successful supper-club style and speakeasy casino ever since. He employs the entertainment assistance of his old friend BRYAN, who croons to the crowd most nights. Harry is also good friends with his chef RICARDO, who double-times managing their Taco Franchises, and trying to teach his son NICO the meaning of family and work.

This story spans one-week in the life of Harry Haddox and THE TOMORROW CLUB.

We are slapped in the face with politics as President Trump speaks at a rally using the unfortunate language calling immigrants “murderers and rapists.” OLIVIA must turn her television off to concentrate on closing her Mother’s house after her death. She discovers a few important memories in her Mother’s stashed away boxes, but she needs to get back to work as an immigration attorney.

We are introduced to the conflict of the Cleveland Police Department and the ICE initiative as Louie spars with the Police Chief over the favoritism he shows Harry’s Club and his lack of commitment to the seriousness of the issue because he supports the working people of the restaurant business.

The Restaurant business is hard work, and Ricardo epitomizes this, working late, and coming home to his wife taking care of his grandkids. He doesn’t understand why his son Nico has no work ethic with everything he’s been given, and more importantly he’s not even taking care of his kids.

The First Act also introduces BOB who has enjoyed great business success, flaunts his extravagances on his yacht, and is involved with an undisclosed connection to search for the whistleblower. He needs to travel to Cleveland, Ohio to help his connected dangerous liaison.

All of these characters take the next step, Olivia is sent to Cleveland to follow up on legal issues regarding the immigration crackdown, and she has other interests having found an old Tomorrow Club menu, and letters from Bryan to her Mother. Louie is forced to be more involved with the ICE Team led by NATHAN, and they plan to investigate Harry. Ricardo confronts his son, which turns physical as he tries to enforce his parental authority. And, Bob arrives in Cleveland, welcomed by JOSIE, another friend of Harry’s, in fact, they all were waiters together back in the day.

The First Act concludes with an extended scene/slice of life at the Tomorrow Club, and this could be any night for Harry. He slips in and out of the bar, the kitchen, the dining room, the main room where Bryan sings, the casino, and back to the bar entertaining his clientele, and his recent and past flings. He mixes, mingles, and manages well. His work is playful and exciting, however, as Olivia enters, she not only attracts the interest of everyone in the room, but also Harry.

The Tomorrow Club is a character in the story as well, and the place draws the interest of an older couple looking to buy, which makes Harry consider selling and retiring.

When Louie arrives to talk about his bad day at the office, jaded with the responsibility of his badge, and agrees that he also has considered retirement, but really, he prefers to go gamble in the casino. The friendship between Harry and Louie, their loyalty and honesty, even satirical humor support the main plot. That plot, in which Harry must choose between his fabulous lifestyle and doing the right thing as ICE, the Police, his daughter, and dangerous friends descend upon his club searching for a whistleblower under the guise of an immigration crackdown, and other political posturing.

Please see attached screenplay, this is Act 1, the rest Act 2 and Act 3 has been written and is 120pages in length.

The Second Act arrives with Ricardo telling Harry about his son’s shortcomings, but also how the immigration crackdown is affecting too many of their their friends. The older couple returns as they are serious about making the purchase, and the walk-through reveals more about the history of the Tomorrow Club.

Harry chooses who to fight, who to love, who to shelter, and who to work with. He plays a big risk for a bigger score.

Harry signs the sale of the Tomorrow Club, and plans a final night of fun, a retirement party with a sting-ending. Harry parties like it’s the last day before the end of the world. He assembles all the players as the last scene of this thrilling-comedy-drama ensues. Harry bets it all on everyone betting it all, and that’s why we call it THE TOMORROW CLUB, there’s always tomorrow.

This story has one main set, takes place over the course of one quick week, starring one great character with a well-rounded supporting cast, and popular current themes.

I’m looking forward to working and collaborating and am open to any arrangement that can help make THE TOMORROW CLUB a hit. I’ve written two other screenplays, both of which have been optioned. I’m also looking for the right Producer, the right Director, the right Actor, and the right home for THE TOMORROW CLUB, your home. Let’s talk more.

Submitted: November 26, 2021
Last Updated: November 26, 2021

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