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An "end of days" cult arrives in a small town in rural West Texas, prompting a Southern Baptist community to come apart at the seams during the summer of 1975.

When a strange "agricultural commune" called the Truth Family moves into his childhood ranch, a small town photographer attempts to uncover their true motives. In the process, he finds himself falling in love with a devoted Truth Family member, who may be in grave danger.

The pilot episode begins by introducing the Truth Family as an ominous and dangerous presence in the small Baptist community of Prairie Valley, West Texas. While our hero's (DALE HART) love affair with a sexually abused cult member (CHARITY) intensifies, he finds himself in a personal and spiritual crisis. Should he save Charity from the cult and it's leader, FATHER, or is the cult's practices actually helping Charity reach a state of holy enlightenment? Is Father actually the Messiah, or is he a dangerous sociopath?

Other members of Prairie Valley - PASTOR HART (Dale's alcoholic father), JIMMY (Dale's best friend), ARTHUR DAVIES (Dale's adulterous boss), SHERIFF WHITE (the racist chief of police in Prairie Valley) - will also find themselves questioning their faith as they begin breaking
their personal code of ethics in the wake of the Truth Family's arrival.

As THE TRUTH FAMILY progresses, juxtaposing contrasting ideologies and religions, it becomes harder for both the characters and the audience to draw the line between good and evil - who is right, who is wrong, and who's to say?

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