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An ex-Union soldier wants revenge for the vigilante lynching death of his wife and loss of his children after the Civil War.

Branded a traitor by his family and his community, Matt Jessop, a Union soldier, returns home at war’s end after four years on the wrong side of the Civil War. He finds his wife and her kinfolk lynched in the town square. His three children are missing.

While Matt is cutting them down, he too is attacked by a mob of townspeople led by a ruthless Ozark vigilante hired to keep the peace in the Mississippi Confederate town.

He is saved by a rebellious sheriff’s deputy, part African American, and part Shawnee Indian, Quinn Skinner, who disobeyed the sheriff’s orders to let Matt hang.

The ex-soldier sinks into a pit of self-pity fueled by booze and grief hoping it will kill him until Quinn comes calling in response to a death-bed request from the sheriff who wants to clear his conscience before dying.

Matt doesn’t get to hear what he has to say, but the sheriff’s widow finds a stack of never delivered letters to Matt from his wife and letters from him to her.

Through the letters and threatening grilling of the local postmaster and town doctor, he gets to the truth. His father and brother encouraged the lynching. Facing murder charges, they fled to Canada taking the three children with them.

After a final confrontation with the townspeople, both men escape in different directions but end up together in Seattle.

Quinn has managed to take over a prostitution service formerly operated by a vicious killer who went to prison but was secretly pardoned. The killer and his henchmen come after both men to kill them. They will pursue them right to the end.

After a violent confrontation, and armed with new information Matt is determined to head up to Canada and reclaim his children. Quinn abandons the prostitution business and joins forces with Matt who really doesn’t want him around.

Eventually, the Seattle killer catches up with them, steals their horses and leaves them to die in the desert heat. Rancher Indians save them and they live to fight another day.

But life gets complicated and Matt learns justice and fate can spring some unexpected climaxes that rewrite our perceptions of mercy, forgiveness, and love.

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The Writer: Bill McIntyre

I've been kicking around the screenwriting world for a couple of decades, after starting out as a print, television and radio journalist. I have lived in five different Canadian provinces, lived in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile, trekked through the Northern Amazon rainforest of Ecuador and sampled some great beer in Germany and rum in Cuba. In previous lives, I have also worked as a horse wrangler, wilderness hunting and fishing guide (for which I make no apologies), tourism developer, and environmental projects communications consultant, and media trainer. I am the author of many feature articles in newspapers and magazines, hosted a television news program on cable tv and have just... Go to bio