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Third of six

After losing all his family`s wealth to an Immigration Criminal Enforcement (ICE) raid, Michael “Kenya” Nyaga, an African student residing in Atlanta, Georgia, is forced to seek the dead`s help!



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After losing all his parents and brothers life possessions to an Immigration and Criminal
Enforcement (ICE) raid, Michael “Kenya” Nyaga, a 30 something old African student residing in
Atlanta, Georgia, must revoke what he swore to protect, his ability to summon the dead, in order
to reclaim his families wealth and evade the possibilities of lifelong homelessness on the streets
of a city, he once called home.
It`s the year, 2003, on a cold January afternoon and Kenya is on the run on the now familiar
inner-city streets of Atlanta, Georgia. He has a warrant of arrest for failure to appear in a recent
open container arrest. This is his third consecutive arrest and if caught, Georgia`s “three strikes
you`re out” law will come into play, causing his current misdemeanor record to be upgraded to a
felony status. That means a five to 10-year felony prison stint. That means goodbye corporate
jobs, goodbye upstanding citizen, and definitely goodbye America. A foreigner in the U.S with a
felony status is more likely to be deported upon completion of his sentence. That cannot be
allowed to happen. It`s desperation time now more than ever. It`s time for Kenya to pull out all
the stops. That will be easier said than done, being that one of Kenya`s major hindrance is his
belief in GOD and his commandments. Turning to the dead for help goes against all he was
taught to believe and fear.
Zone 2 Atlanta Police Department Officer Jeremy “Swift” Wright, a burly six feet tall, 3 gun slinging cowboy, is the head arresting officer in Kenya`s case and finding and arresting him is his main focus. Swift is not your normal “aggressive white officer against blacks” kind of guy.
He is a likable, cool and relaxed kind of character, easy to approach and talk to. He is also what
you`d call progressive black or black folk politically correct. Life on the streets of Atlanta have
turned Swift into an opportunistic grabber, in that, he eats from both sides. The funny thing is,
Swift used to know Kenya back in the days when the latter used to attend the local clubs and
joints. Now Swift has to put aside his friendship with Kenya and do what he was paid to do.
Alan Jones, a slim well spoken, son of a preacher is Kenya`s homeless buddy and best friend on
the streets. He perceives Kenya as a shrewd foreigner and actor, who can get himself out of any
situation, however, slim the chance. Having spent three years on the streets with Kenya, he has
seen the manner in which the former attracts and holds people`s attention and eventually gets
them to part with their money and even their possessions.
Steve Brown, is another of Kenya`s close buddies on the streets and being a former pharmacist
and brilliant student, Steve always pushes Kenya to perform questionable acts and missions
contrary to the latter`s beliefs and will. However, this doesn`t stop Steve from trying to maximize on Kenya`s somewhat peculiar powers.
Grady Baby, born in Grady hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of many of Kenya`s potential
enemies, on the streets of Atlanta. Named after the infamous trauma hospital, Grady a fierce drug
dealer and wannabe up and coming rapper, he continuously attempts to recruit Kenya into his gang with the occasional threats to boost.
Ja, is Kenya`s dead representative and the only one capable of bridging the gap between the
living and the dead. He is the only medium that Kenya can use to get his requests heard and
acknowledge by the dead. He is as such, Kenya`s consigliore.

Submitted: October 24, 2019
Last Updated: March 21, 2020

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My name is Michael Nyaga, a former resident of Atlanta, Georgia, with 20 years Stateside. Currently, I`m back home in Nairobi, Kenya. I`m an aspiring data scientist with a passion for movies (script writing and acting) and flying. I`ve had numerous episodes and experiences while residing in the States and as a result, in addition to my background, I happen to have a treasure trove of ideas and themes! I see the world as it is; reality vs the unknown! There`s plenty we as a human race don`t know and probably will never know or what to know! I believe in listening to every story and experience with open thought and wonder. I`m open to all possibilities; know knowns, known unknowns and unknown... Go to bio

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