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An overweight man cheating on his diet gains an unnatural thirst that only blood will quench.

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A man struggling with a food addiction must make a major change... if he wants to survive.    

Overcoming addiction proves difficult when the underlying reason for seeking constant pleasure goes untreated - and unseen.

Alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs and food often merely substitute for what might truly be missing from a person’s life - for instance: love, self-esteem, a meaningful job. In such cases, cravings often prevail - even when the consequences are dire. Or worse.

Scott, the protagonist of Chris Keaton’s Thirst, is a junk-food junkie.  Despite his doctor’s warnings, and loving wife Helen’s efforts to prepare healthy meals, Scott’s binging seems endless.  And Helen’s efforts only exacerbate the guilt Scott brings home with each relapse.

And with this latest incident, there’s no hiding Scott's culinary "sin".  The burrito he just scarfed down at a taco truck on the way home has given Scott an insatiable thirst:   

Scott pours the milk into a glass and drinks.

He pours and drinks another glass. And then another. And then another. Helen watches him with concern.

Scott roots around the fridge.

That’s not it. Something will hit the spot.

You did eat junk food! Your diet won’t work if you cheat. Salty foods are bad for your blood pressure.

Scott ignores her and drinks anything - and everything - in the fridge. He chugs an energy drink. Then a fruit juice.

Slopping a mess on the floor the entire time.

Helen grows increasingly nervous as she observes her husband.  She stops chopping vegetables - then screams when she notices she’s cut herself.  Scott hurries over to his wife and sucks greedily at the blood streaming from her injured finger.  His thirst grows

Will Scott be able to satiate these sudden, inexplicable cravings?  Will this be the incident that ultimately helps Scott end his addictions for good?  Even more importantly: given such a stomach churning turn of events... can Scott's marriage survive?

Keaton's twisted tale of Thirst serves up a surprising feast for directors to bite into  - one that audiences will surely devour as well!

Review by Julia Cottle
Submitted: October 7, 2017
Last Updated: February 2, 2019

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The Writer: Chris Keaton

Chris Keaton, like many deranged people, writes screenplays and actually believes he's pretty good at it. His delusion has brought him to write at least a dozen feature films and numerous short scripts of questionable quality. Several directors have been enabling Chris Keaton's mental illness by actually producing his screenplays traumatizing unwitting audiences around the globe. And to make things worse he's now writing novels and short stories. When will this reign of terror end? If you feel compelled to peek into the world of a madman, you can check out his IMDB page and website at the links to the right. You can also email me at Go to bio

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