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Tom Besos

In the 1970s, a half-wit motocross champion navigates the highs and lows, as he goes from winning medals in Vietnam to the new sport of Supercross, proving doubters wrong.



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Paramount Street is jam packed today, interviewers from all over the world have come to Paramount Street to interview Tom Besos. Tom Besos has been named the new “Man of the Decade,” Tom is an American motocross star, Tom is a Vietnam war veteran, Tom is an amateur car racer, and Tom is also a husband.

Tom’s famous, some would say a “superstar.”

Some of the interviewers are from Sports Illustrated, Motocross Action, and Paramount News & Pictures. They all want to hear Tom’s life story.

The interview starts: Tom takes the audience back to his last amateur motocross race, and he narrates the story. He asks his longtime girlfriend to marry him before the race. Then Tom goes out, and wins his last amateur motocross race, he beats the best amateur professional riders in the world, and Tom wins $25,000 dollars for doing so. Tom now realizes how lucky he is, he wants to be successful at every point in his life, but he has to be successful in all aspects of life in order to be the “Man of the Decade.”

There’s no room for failure. But by luck, by chance, by hard work, by support from his family, and by circumstance Tom is extremely successful so far.

Tom makes enough money to buy his girlfriend a new car.

Then Tom progresses the story, he then tells the interviewers about his early professional career in Supercross. Tom wins the first ever Supercross race held in the world, it was called the Superbowl of Motocross, and it was an invitational event held in 1972. Tom was a success.

Tom then marries his longtime girlfriend, her name is Presley, and the wedding reception is huge. A list of memorable historical figures from Seattle come to their wedding reception. The man who built the Space Needle comes, the owner of Seattle Slew comes, and Bill Russell and Lenny Wilkins even come. Tom is a success; his life is projecting forward at a rapid pace.

After the wedding reception Tom opens his mail for the first time in 2 years, and he finds out something. Tom has been drafted in the United States Army for Vietnam. Everything changes for Tom; he has to serve in the military. But the United States government gives Tom a special exemption for his time in the Army. He doesn’t have to be an infantryman. He instead gets to work on successful peacekeeping projects. Some of the projects Tom works on include building roads, schools, and bridges. Everything Tom does in Vietnam is a success.

Tom comes home from Vietnam, and he spends some time with Presley, everything they do together is a success. They spend 6 months in their new home, painting, listening to music, eating, and interacting with each other.

A lot has changed since Tom has come home, and he now has to climb out of his home and go back to racing in order to accomplish one of his lifelong goals: Tom wants to be a world champion motocross racer.

Tom is an instant success in his first race back, but he does not win initially, he is beaten by his younger brother.
Tom goes to the final race of the year and wins the championship. Tom is a success. The film ends right where it started, on Tom’s doorstep.

Submitted: April 18, 2021
Last Updated: April 18, 2021

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The Writer: Brett Osaka

That's it, I think I've done it -- I believe I have written the next "best picture" winner at the Academy Awards. It titled: Tom Besos -- check it out. Hello, I'm a retired professional Supercross racer, and I've been having fun since 1989. I've been screenwriting for sometime now, I really enjoy happy life stories that span a long range of time. I specialize in heart warming movies, with a lot of voice over. Go to bio

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Tom Besos narrates 8 sequences of his life, he starts with his last amateur motocross race, he takes us the Superbowl of Motocross, to his wedding reception, to Viet Nam, around Washington D.C., and etc
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