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A father with a violent and mysterious past seeks retribution, after his son is tragically killed in the cross-fire between rival gangs.

A violent reprisal has left the police on high alert, but short on suspects. Their best lead is the distraught father of a young boy who was killed after being caught in the cross-fire between rival gangs. None of the pieces add up. The truth is muddied by carefully constructed lies. But when truths start to emerge and the facts come to the fore, it's clear; this was merely the tip of the iceberg. The death-dance has only just begun.

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World Series of Screenwriting, 2015 - Finalist, Short Screenplay Category

Table Read my Screenplay 2016, Special Mention (Runner up, Short Screenplay Category)

Screencraft Short Screenplay Contest, 2016 - Qtr Finalist

Bluecat Screenplay Contest, 2018 - Qtr Finalist

Creative World Awards 2015

2018 Bluecat Screenplay Contest, Reader Feedback: (HIGHLIGHTS)

"It’s astounding how this script is able to reveal itself so seamlessly. It’s so perfectly structured and it gives us the pertinent information in layers. We get exactly what we need at exactly the right moment. No one in the audience will have guessed that Alex was part of the Delta military unit before that revelation rears its head, but it will make sense given all the clues you leave for us beforehand (e.g. “Do what you do.” – p. 10). What appeared to be a story about an innocent family that, through no fault of their own, gets caught up in a war much bigger than them and ends up paying the ultimate price actually becomes a much more complicated revenge story with moral gray areas. Alex’s son was innocent, but how innocent is Alex?

The dialogue here is spectacular. Every line is well-thought-out, full of depth and wit. This makes for an incredibly enthralling experience. Lines like this put the script over the top: “Whether you’re telling the truth or not is irrelevant. These guys will see you as their numero uno suspect. And unlike me, when they question you they’ll use a car battery instead of a tape recorder and scalpel for a pencil.” This is how the pros write.

I loved the dynamic between Peter and Alex. They shared the sacred bond of fatherhood, really reiterating how nothing is more important than one’s children. Peter wanted to help Alex, which is refreshing considering what Alex did. Both of them had different perspectives on how to handle the revenge that Alex deserved to exact, and how to fight the cartels. But the script doesn’t take one side – neither of them is necessarily wrong."

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Tower of Strength
Good Guys vs. Bad Guys isn’t always well-defined…

Nothing’s more intense than a good cop story.

Crime tales have built-in tension. There are always good guys – usually the police. And the Bad Guys run the gamut of Evil: one hundred and fifty Shades of “grey”. For anyone who loves such gritty tales, you can usually expect one pivotal scene: usually with three ingredients – a cop, an interrogation room, and a suspect.

And the conflict goes wild from there.

The good cop in Jeremy Storey’s Tower of Strength is a detective named Peter. When TOS opens, Peter has suspect Alex in custody – imprisoned in a cramped interrogation room. As Peter turns his tape recorder on, the lightning quick questions begin.

Please state your name for the record.

Alex Barnes.

Where do you live?

456 Dorchester.

Where do you work?

Crescent Security.

Sound familiar? Well, just you wait.

Because, just about the time you think Peter may elicit that confession of guilt: “Peter’s voice starts to fade. Alex looks over his shoulder to the outside. He’s no longer listening… just looking at the sky” …

The next scene describes Alex “tightening a few bolts” on his son Ben’s new bicycle. And hence the tragic flashback begins…

What’s the “gotcha” of this story?

Well, Peter’s got a grisly murder to solve. He thinks – in fact, he’s damn certain — that this “ruggedly handsome, athletic” father is somehow involved in the bloody mix.

So who exactly has been killed?

No spoiler here: but there are bad cartel guys across the border. A gang of murderous thugs and monsters that take-no-prisoners-alive.

These ‘monsters’ are like locusts. For every one put away or put down another three will appear. For every eye they take two. They fear no one.

You’re worried about retaliation?

It’ll be a bloodbath.

Absolutely. Alex is a guy with a different agenda – one he keeps very close to his chest. Will Peter be able to solve the murderous crime? Does he even have the right suspect?

Maybe, maybe not… And for folks who love crime stories, that mystery’s the juicy part. 

Are you a director on the hunt for a riveting drama – one with adrenaline-pumping tension and pace? Then TOS could be your fix. It doesn’t get much better than this…

Review by KP Mackie
Submitted: April 24, 2017
Last Updated: January 21, 2019
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Last Downloaded: May 12, 2020

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The Writer: Jeremy Storey

Jeremy Storey, originally hails from the United Kingdom, but now resides in Seattle, WA. He first discovered the joys of writing at school, penning short stories and collaborating on comic books with his friends. Coming from a writerly family, it was in his DNA to tell stories. However, it wasn’t until he graduated University, that he started to dabble in film and stage. Since then, he’s written feature length screenplays (The Immaculate Secret, Rewind, Pink Slip Party, An Angel Whispers), as well as award-winning short screenplays (Cat & Mouse, Wishbone, Tower of Strength, Dog Years, Melville) and award-winning stage plays (Last Cup of Sorrow, Wolves at the Door). For Jeremy, writing... Go to bio

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