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Lionsgate (in talks)
Suffering from amnesia and struggling with repressed memories, a law school student engages in a dangerous proceeding against mobsters, putting her own life and her family's in jeopardy.

A story that begins in blood and mist...A black and white vintage flashback of a gang war that was raging decades ago, on the docks of a misty port…
The mist...A metaphor for a narrative where all the characters are concealing their true identity and nature, where no one is what they seem to be. The flashback was Marie's nightmare and this event will reverberate in the present.
Suffering from repressed memories and anxiety, the young woman is trying to start afresh with her husband Johnny, a photographer, and their 9 years old son Jimmy.
But her meeting with her new therapist Sydney, a manipulative and seductive woman trying to lure her into dark routes will soon start a chain of events that will force her to look back and embrace her past as well as her true personality.
As Johnny's lens unknowingly captures the city's sins and crimes, spinning the web for the most feared criminal's fall, Marie must confront her deepest fears and the past she's been trying hard to forget, when her son gets kidnapped by mobsters...

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-Marty Thomas (director) attached
-Marco Werba (composer, Giallo) attached

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The Writer: Jordan Tate

A produced, versatile and prolific female screenwriter, Jordan Tate has a strong interest in thrillers, science fiction and fantasy stories; she also focuses her attention on tormented characters and stories based on actual events.

Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan and Stanley Kubrick have influenced her imagination. She enjoys putting her audience and readers on the wrong track with characters that are never what they seem to be. She often quotes the legendary movie "KING KONG"as being behind her vocation.

Her recent accomplishments include various assignments for several worldwide production companies especially in Europe and... Go to bio

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