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Trying to hustle

Faced with debt and money problems three young woman turn to the life of prostitution. They face all sorts of troubles along the way.



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SYNOPSIS:LIV'S workplace gets robbed and it's left bankrupt thus forcing it to shut down,leaving LIV jobless.LIV hunts for another job but nobody wants to hire her as she has no diploma and she's a high school dropout.CINDY tells her about prostitution about how she can make good money LIV refuses to become a prostitute.Now LIV she's stressed about where she is gonna get money for rent or how she's gonna survive.Left with no choice of how she's gonna survive LIV considers becoming a prostitute.To see whether she can handle having sex with strange men LIV does a test run she sleeps with JOSH.So to LIV this meant nothing but to JOSH it meant something.JOSH thinks LIV likes him back but he is wrong as when he goes to confess his love to LIV he is reject.LIV not wanting to hurt his feelings she tells him that she was stressed and wanted some comfort.JOSH he is heartbroken and the relationship between the two is ruined as they don't hang out like they used to do and when they're in the same room it's just awkwardness.So LIV becomes a prostitute working for PHUC,she discovers that sleeping with JOSH ain't the same as sleeping with some weird strange men.SARAH,EMMA'S mom collapses and lands in the hospital.They discover that she has kidney failure and has only a few months to live.EMMA ,her family and friends they do test to see if they match to be SARAH'S donor and they don't.Only one who does is DAVID,LIV'S father.His volunteers to give SARAH his donor.Now what's left is mor for the transplant and EMMA nor her family have that kind of money.EMMA tries borrowing loans from the bank and she fails.She tries borrowing from friends and nobody wants to help.CINDY tells her how she can make the money she needs for her mom's surgery.EMMA refuses to sell her body.LIV steps in she makes EMMA see reason and manages to convince EMMA to become a prostitute.PHUC loans EMMA the money and she pays her mom's transplant and she's saved.Now the three work together to pay back the loan PHUC gave to EMMA.JOSH finds a new job working for MR KUMAR at his garage.LIV doesn't like the awkwardness between her and JOSH,so she comes up with a plan and she gets her friendship with JOSH back to normality.

Submitted: January 3, 2021
Last Updated: June 17, 2021

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The Writer: Junior Mudimba

I write cause I want to. I write cause I love to. I write to forget the bad memories. When writing I escape into my own little world and I forget the troubles of the world. My imagination is that of a kid it runs wild and it's dirty. I'm a old dude with the brain of a child. I ain't that old I'm only a teen just finishing the final stage of puberty. I'm a legend in the making. I'm racing to catch my dream and I know I will come out victorious cause ain't nothing in this world can stop me from being the champ. I'm a hard worker, a curious student, and a mommy's boy. I believe in myself and I have faith in me that one day I will become one of the greats. My name Is Junior Mudimba and I'm a... Go to bio
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