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A headstrong Army pilot takes on a corrupt Defense Contractor covering up their substandard parts and the murder of her friend.



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We first meet our protagonist, Tucker, at the height of her career. She’s just gotten a medal for her service in Iraq and learned she’s been offered a prestigious test pilot job with Contract Aeronautics in the States. To top it all off, they’re getting on the plane to finally go home after a long deployment. Back home, Tucker argues with a man in DC over a report concerning an event from the deployment. Tucker refuses to drop her report, despite the clear warning from the man in DC. Minutes later, Tucker is shot during an active shooter event at the base. Months later she learns she’ll never fly again, as the bullet nicked her heart. Tucker is determined to fight the diagnosis and the forced retirement that comes with it. She gives the test pilot job to her friend Thompson and breaks up with her fiancé Carter when he tells her to move on from her career. At the Mesa Airfield, where Thompson works as a test pilot, he sees Chris Hart, an old rival of Tucker’s, and calls to warn her that he’s around. The call goes to voicemail and Thompson meets his co-pilot, the brother of the man who shot Tucker!
Morgan, an old friend of Tucker, shows up on her doorstep with a subpoena to testify about her report and the news that Thompson was killed in a crash. Tucker immediately demands to investigate and Morgan assigns her to a 15-6. On the Native American Reservation next to the Mesa Airfield, John Hawke, a tribal policeman, is called to a local home where children are playing with pieces of a helicopter. Chris Hart gets word that the Pentagon is sending an investigator to look into Thompson’s crash and his command orders him to make sure it doesn’t hinder the project. Hart catches a glimpse of Thompson’s ghost in his mirror. Tucker checks into the same hotel as Hart, unaware that he’s there and catches a glimpse of Thompson in her rearview mirror. Meanwhile, a local reporter, Tanya, hounds Martin Harris, the head of Contract Aeronautics, for information about the crash but he shuts her down. Tucker questions the wife of a company employee who committed suicide and Chris and John investigate the area where the kids found the pieces of a helicopter but are called away before they find the crash itself. Tucker sneaks onto the airfield and starts digging for information. Martin and his head of security, Kurt, worry about covering up the last suicide and the crash. Martin has dinner with his husband, a teacher on the reservation, and brushes off his concerns about the crash.
Tucker is found on the airfield and taken into custody by Kurt’s men. A furious Martin returns and orders Kurt to forge Hart’s signature on the crash report. He calls his contact in DC and we learn it’s the same man who threatened Tucker over her report. He tells Martin to make sure she can’t testify in two weeks and Martin agrees in exchange for a future job in DC. He’s terrified when he sees Thompson’s ghost in his window. Kurt brings Tucker to Martin’s office and she and Hart immediately get into a fight. Meanwhile, Tanya is run off the road by a mysterious truck. Martin tries to convince Tucker to follow his guidance on the investigation but she refuses.

Submitted: February 7, 2020
Last Updated: February 3, 2021

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The Writer: Rachel Fischer

Rachel spent her childhood getting into trouble on a working cattle ranch and joined the Army Reserve after high school. She has served on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, first as a civil affairs specialist, then a medic and finally as a combat pilot, flying Chinook helicopters. She, and her pilot Tucker, were just accepted into the WGA’S Veteran’s in Writing Fellowship in 2020. Rachel writes emotionally charged character-based action, adventure, sci-fi and mystery/thriller. Her pilot NOVA has been a semi-finalist and finalist in multiple contests (Filmmatic, LAISA, Diverse Voices, etc), and her goal is to develop and staff in television, as well as film. Go to bio

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