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In a world with powerful, elemental weapons; one young girl goes on a quest to retrieve one such weapon with one of the sons of a tyrant who killed her brother.

In the past, an elderly lone sage stumbles upon a barely lifeless village. Seeing them struggle for life, the sage uses his Conduct (a powerful weapon of many elements) named Ultimatus and restores life to the area. That was the last thing the sage did as his life was coming to an end. At the time of his death, Ultimatus scatters with each element gone in separate weapons and forms.

One of the Conducts, in the form of a large dagger, is in the possession of Jadice. She and her 2 children, Riley (male) and Atina, once spend a peaceful morning together outdoors. Until a tragic accident happened. Even 10 years later, the events of that day still haunts Atina. But not Riley, who now works as a mercenary.

On the night of Atina's 17th birthday, Riley gifts her a wooden sculpture of a pair of wolves sitting in a howl pose facing each other on top of double circular platforms. Riley, then, announces he has a big job as a mercenary; a task to guard a group of Nobles during a meeting.

At the location, Riley is surprised to see Atina secretly tagged along with him. Much to his dismay, Riley orders Atina to stick close then run when things turn nasty.

Things have, indeed, taken a nasty turn when a band of assassins called the Blood Crows comes into the picture. Atina, having sparred against Riley multiple times before, chooses to stay and fight against them; despite her brother's order. A bit later after the Blood Crow escapes, Riley sends Atina home while he go deal with some..."unfinished business." When he meets up with the Blood Crows, they already massacred the Nobles. Fueling with rage, Riley goes to exact vengeance against them.

At home, Atina can't shake a bad feeling inside her then rushes out to find Riley. In another part of town, Riley confronts the Blood Crows along with their leader Zar and fights against them. Riley fails at the cost of his own life. Before he dies, Zar steals Riley's Conduct; then he and the rest of the Blood Crows moves on. Hence forth, Atina sets out to retrieve that Conduct.

Note: That whole above is practically Act 1.

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The Writer: Grace Nguyen

I've been an anime (Japanese animation) fan for the past 21 years now. I began script writing as early as my middle school years. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I started taking it more and more seriously; even going so far as to obtain a certificate in screenwriting. Now, it would mean the world to me if I can bring my script to life. Go to bio