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Arriving uninvited to Colin’s Mother’s funeral, Carol coerces Colin into dancing with her, delving into their past to reveal dark secrets, triggering a surreal sequence of events.



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Pivotal Directions

Genre: Surrealist-drama
Screen Duration: 5 minutes

We live in a culture of deferred accountability. Failed marriage? The other one’s fault. Failed career? Those corporate bigwigs don’t know what they’re missing. Failed lung? It sure as hell wasn’t the cigs.

In an age where most of us are wrestling with the frustrations of unfulfilled ambitions, it is convenient to look for the window before the mirror. We haphazardly juggle the personal, the professional and the social- and then act surprised when we accidentally drop one or two of them.

Confronting the theme of parental regret, Unbirthed presents a surrealist take on a woman’s attempts to reconnect with her estranged son. This woman desperately wants to build bridges, yet part of her just can’t get over how this child burdened her, how he ruined her dreams.

Do you really believe everyone who says having children was ‘the best thing to ever happen to them’?
Carol, 60, a former dance prodigy, arrives uninvited to the funeral of Colin’s Mother. Colin was, until his Mother died, a frail forty-five-year-old Mummy’s Boy. Following his Mum’s death, he is lost. In Unbirthed, Carol sweeps Colin to his feet, reminisces about his Mother, and reveals dark secrets. This triggers a surreal sequence of events, and leaves Carol to face-up to her past once and for all.
It is said that to give birth is a woman’s biggest challenge. But how would one go about reversing it?


IN A SMALL, GREY KITCHEN, COLIN sits at a table, alone, flicking through the back pages of local newspapers, circling only the cheapest properties available to rent. He swigs his bitter. Inside the pub, the funeral party is in full swing. Colin is approached by CAROL, an older, gentle woman, who insists he comes to dance with her. He does not recognise her, but, semi-reluctantly, agrees to follow her inside. He’d convinced himself he wanted to be left to mourn but really just needed someone to lift him to his feet.
Guests snigger on the peripheries, as Carol and Colin waltz on the dancefloor. As they dance, she tells him stories of how she was good friends with his Mother, and how she was a generous, kind-hearted woman, who used to share laundry tokens with her. She says his Mother taught her to dance. He listens eagerly, but with suspicion. Carol reveals she was Colin’s birth Mother and gave him away when he was Two-years-old. She expresses resentment that she never was able to successfully resume her dance career following his birth.
This revelation prompts a surreal sequence of events. As contemporary Drum and Bass music plays, Colin starts to fit uncontrollably, arms flailing, body shaking. His suits rises above his head, before plundering to the ground. Colin disappears; in his place is a plastic baby doll, surrounded by his suit jacket. Carol sweeps the plastic baby doll into her arms. The other guests look on, confounded, as she determinedly strides behind the bar with him, towards a flight of stairs. Carol slowly ascends the staircase, with the plastic baby doll cradled in her arms. Pained moaning can be heard coming from a room at the stairs. Carol enters.
Carol recognises her twenty-year old former-self, propped against the wall resting upon a blue stained mattress. She wells up as she approaches her pained former-self, who screams, cheeks red and dripping with sweat, preparing for the imminent arrival of her son. Carol instead returns new-born Colin to the womb of her twenty-year-old self. Carol locks eyes with her former-self, and assures her that she can now achieve success as a dancer. Carol reapplies her make-up and exits the room.

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Nicole Faraday (Emmerdale, Bad Girls, Casualty)

Submitted: March 21, 2018
Last Updated: June 22, 2020

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