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A monster hunter part of a centuries old society loses his long-time protege during battle with one of their prey. Decades later, the hunter chases down a family who considers a monster kin.

Humans used to live among the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs much larger than their fossils claim they were and humans much more advanced than we have been led to believe.

The humans form an army and try to destroy the giant reptilian species until extinction, and they come very close to succeeding.

Hundreds of thousands of years later, the clan of monster hunters remain. Their weapons so advanced they now need only hunt in pairs of two.

Where do these monsters come from and why are they here? These are questions only the secret society of hunters know the answer to, until a family also learns the truth.

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The Writer: Hank Biro & Kai Biro

Hank Biro - I am a Canadian screenwriter born and raised in London, Ontario.  I have had a love for film since childhood, which has driven my passion for writing.  Some screenwriters who have inspired and influenced my work include: David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick, M. Night Shyamalan, Guillermo del Toro, David Lynch, Bong Joon-ho, and S. Craig Zahler.  I have written many varieties of stories, with my focus over the past five years being on creating screenplays.  My writing partner, Kai Clark, and I met online in October 2017 and we have written together ever since.  Most of our screenplays include sociopolitical commentaries, and I feel all of our scripts contain striking visuals that... Go to bio

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