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A woman with a connection to the supernatural is caught in a conflict spanning millennia between hunters and the beings they hunt.

The non English words are Southern Welsh and based on the Modern Welsh Dictionary.

Emma, the police chief, is woken up by dispatch. A local called 911 and emergency services were sent to find him. When they arrive, the injured man inadvertently leads them to a dead man. The investigation is complicated by lack of evidence and witnesses.

The deceased is identified as a federal fugitive which brings in the US Marshals. Emma, her sister, and niece and nephew are not in WitSec but they are under US Marshall observation. She was an FBI agent that reported crimes by other FBI agents and it resulted in US Marshals being assigned to protect witnesses potentially from the FBI. It ended in an odd arrangement.

While investigating the injury and murder, Daria, Emma's sister, discovers someone watching the house. It leads to questions about whether the past case with the FBI is over. A break-in report leads another officer to the watcher's cabin. Evidence there connects him to something that happened to Emma as a child. Involving the location where the dead man was found.

It's further complicated by the discovery of Daria's abusive ex-husband in a shallow grave. He disappeared from WitSec. It leads to asking questions about who is withholding what information. After a possible abduction attempt, they consider the ugly possibility that the ex-husband offered his daughter in exchange for something.

The ending is actual the beginning to long-term series plot. The hunter's name, picture and motivation are known. He wants to uncover local secrets and kill the supernatural beings and he will kill anyone that gets in his way.

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The Writer: Holly Kubaskie

Writing is a passion. I wrote my first story when I was in middle school. I started writing dystopia in high school and it morphed into a science fiction/fantasy setting that I have been adding to for more than twenty years. While my primary goal has been novels, I started writing scripts in the last few years. I have published short stories and poetry in fan publications. I have numerous fan fiction novellas posted online with a small following. I am most known for writing resources and running large word count writing challenges on a writer's site. It motivated me to publish books of writing prompts. Go to bio

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